11 Best Minimalist Computer Desks to Boost your Productivity

Minimalist computer desk

If you’re looking for a new desk, you know that the options can be overwhelming. More people are turning to minimalist desks to help them concentrate and get their work done. Most people need to spend some time every day at their desks, so choosing the right one is essential. To help you narrow it down, here are the best minimalist computer desks around right now!

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Why a Minimalist Computer Desk Can Boost Productivity

Minimalism is in right now. You see it on TV (think Marie Kondo), social media, podcasts – everywhere. But it’s not just a fad! There are real, scientific benefits to being minimalist. They include reduced stress and increased creativity and focus. You can save time and spend it doing the important things, instead. A minimalist set-up will make a massive difference to your work and your daily life.

So what feature should you look for in a minimalist computer desk? First of all, it needs to be functional and comfortable. Do you need a simple desk, or do you need drawers for storage, too? Clean lines and neutral colors work best. A desk doesn’t need to stand out; it needs to help you do what you need to do.

How to Keep Your Minimalist Desk Tidy?

Once you have a minimalistic desk, it’s essential to keep it tidy. That way, you’ll benefit from higher productivity, less stress, and zero distraction. It may seem overwhelming, but you can do this with some simple habits.

Try to cut down on paper clutter and go for digital files and paperwork, instead. Use an app like Evernote to keep track of your records and papers across all your devices. It’s handy and practical, saving you time as well as space.

You can keep your modern minimalist desk tidy in just 5-10 minutes a day. Set aside a regular time to clean up, so it becomes a habit. If you do a little bit every day, it will feel less overwhelming than letting it build up.

A little bit of disciple and consistency goes a long way! Try to keep up with these practices for at least 30 days. Then it will become ingrained as a habit, and you won’t need to think about it anymore.

The Best Minimalist Computer Desks

  1. Zinus Jennifer Modern Studio Collection Soho Desk
  2. Modern Simple Study Desk
  3. L-Shaped Computer Desk
  4. Tribesigns Computer Desk
  5. VASAGLE Industrial Computer Desk
  6. 4NM No-Assembly Folding Desk, Small Computer Desk
  7. Tangkula Small Gaming Desk
  8. Signature Design by Ashley Bertmond Home Office Desk
  9. Walker Edison Modern Corner L Shaped
  10. DYH Computer Desk, Industrial Wood and Metal X Writing Desk

1. Zinus Jennifer Modern Studio Collection Soho Desk

(Image credit: Zinus)

This simple wooden modern desk is a beautiful piece of furniture. It would look just as elegant in a living room as in an office. It’s perfect for the work at home folks who don’t have a dedicated office space at home.

The Zinus Jennifer Soho Desk is made with a robust steel frame that will stand up to years of use. The natural wood grain finish is classic but minimalist. You’ll have plenty of space for your laptop, keyboard, mouse, and more. You can choose from three different sizes to select the perfect option for your room. This amazing desk even comes with a 1-year warranty as a bonus!

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2. Modern Simple Study Desk

Modern Simple Study Desk - MInimalist

(Image credit: Coavas)

This clever computer desk is practical and looks fantastic. Not only does it fold up, but it’s quick and easy to put together. So if you’re short on space, you can tuck it away when you don’t need it.

This small computer desk can also double up as a writing table or even for sewing in your craft room. It looks clean and tidy, with a good-sized surface to work on. The metal detailing adds just that little bit more interest.

Inspired by Industrial designs, it will look stylish in any room. But it’s also lightweight and functional. The MDF wood is waterproof and easy to wipe clean. This wood and metal computer desk is ideal for anyone looking for a portable table.

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3. L-Shaped Computer Desk

L-Shaped Computer Desk by Merax - Minimalist

(Image credit: Merax)

If you’re looking for something a bit different, check out this L-Shaped Computer Desk. Merax has come up with a cool, minimalist design that makes the most of your corner space. It’s perfect for two screens, or if you want a space to write next to your laptop.

This gorgeous desk is constructed from wood and melamine. The desktop is supported by sleek white steel frames that give you the freedom to move. It’s easy to put together and is resistant to scratches, heat, and water. As you have more space, you can keep your essential supplies nearby. You won’t have to move them to clear space every time you need to pull out your laptop.

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4. Tribesigns Computer Desk

(Image credit: Tribesigns)

The Tribesigns Computer Desk is a modern work of simplicity and art. It looks sturdy and stylish while offering lots of space to work. The desk measures 23.6 inches, giving you plenty of space without feeling cluttered.

It’s safe to say that this model is not a computer desk for small spaces. But if you have a large room, this desk will change the way you work forever. You’ll feel excited to get to work on this beautiful desk.

Designed by Tribesigns, the assembly is super simple. You can put this desk together single-handedly in less than 15 minutes. With adjustable metal legs, you can assure the perfect fit for your needs. It’s also incredibly strong, able to withstand up to 900 lbs.

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5. VASAGLE Industrial Computer Desk

VASAGLE Industrial Computer Desk - Minimalist

(Image credit: Vasagle)

Are you into industrial interior design? Or are you a fan of industrial style? Then you’ll love this computer desk with extra storage by VASAGLE. Keep all your essential items and stationery to hand on the two shelves. It looks striking with sturdy black metal frames and a natural wood finish. Plus, all the tools you need to put it together are included in the package! I’m no DIY expert, so that’s a bonus for me!

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6. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk

(Image credit: Tribesigns)

Here’s another great L-shaped desk that looks fantastic and functions well. Just add a swivel chair, and you’ll have instant access to two wide desktops. You can spread out your papers or run two screens side by side. Whichever way you like to work, this simple desk will improve your workflow.

There’s a choice of colors, from cool black to a timeless wood finish. White desks are in as they look so clean and neat. If you’ve been looking for a white minimalist office desk, it also comes in a white option that looks amazing. Choose from white, black, or gold metal support frames for a personalized look!

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7. 4NM No-Assembly Folding Desk, Small Computer Desk

(Image credit: 4NM)

Not one for fiddling around with screws, nuts, and bolts? This super simple computer desk is for you! It folds away in less than a minute, with no assembly required at all. The 4NM Folding Desk looks incredible in any room and takes up hardly any space. And if you need to pack it away, that’s no problem. When it’s folded up, it only measures 2.55” in-depth, so you can tuck it away easily.

This desk is simple but stylish. It’s the perfect surface for reading, writing, drawing, or working on a laptop. If you’re short on time and space, this is the perfect solution.

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8. Tangkula Small Gaming Desk

(Image credit: Tangkula)

This streamlined desk is small but offers everything you need. You get the main desk space for your computer, and a small shelf to hold important items. With a durable, modern design, it’s built to last and can hold plenty of weight.

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9. Signature Design by Ashley Bertmond Home Office Desk

Signature Design by Ashley Bertmond Home Office Desk - Minimalist

(Image credit: Ashley Bertmond)

Despite its simple design, this Signature Home Office Desk offers a lot of storage space. It has a raised platform for your laptop. And you can keep all your paper and accessories neat and tidy on the shelf underneath. This modern design reduces visual clutter and looks cool in black and silver. It’s made from high-quality laminated wood, and the two-tone finish adds an extra splash of style.

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10. Walker Edison Modern Corner L Shaped

(Image credit: Walker Edison)

Elegant and clean, this white glass modern desk has smooth lines. It will stand out in any room while providing the ultimate minimalist workspace. The finish is exquisite, making this Walker Edison furniture a work of art in its own right.

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11. DYH Computer Desk, Industrial Wood and Metal X Writing Desk

(Image credit: DYH)

Last but not least, this cool industrial desk is an excellent pick for the minimalist. With a sturdy, thick wooden desktop and X-frame legs, it oozes modern style. But it’s also very functional and hardwearing. This desk by DYH will last you for years!

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Check this video by David Zhang on how to keep a clean, minimalistic and ergonomic desk.

So there you have my recommendations for the best minimalist computer desks. Whatever your style, you should find something to suit you and your workspace. From a modern minimalist desk to a minimalist wood desk, you can take your pick. And you’ll soon see a marked difference in your productivity, focus, and output! Once you go for a minimalist desk, you won’t look back! When I got my first minimalist desk, I was amazed by the difference it made. That’s why I recommend it so strongly!

Drop me a comment to let me know what you thought of this article. And if you found it helpful, feel free to share it on social media, too!

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