Bezel-Less Monitors: Seamless Edgeless Excellence Now

Bezel less monitors are sleek, stylish designs that look amazing in your home office. But there’s a lot more going for a bezel less monitor. 

It could be a must-have for you if you work as a graphic designer or illustrator. A bezel less monitor is a bonus to any creative professional. That’s because a screen without any bezels allows you to focus better on your work. 

Plus, it can reduce any color distortion around the edge of your screen. If you are a professional designer, photographer, etc., you’ll know how vital color accuracy is. Removing distracting visuals is one way to ensure you get the correct colors. And yes, that includes the bezels around your screen. 

The border around your screen can also affect how you see your designs. Watching videos on an edgeless monitor is an incredible, immersive experience! 

So, there are many reasons to invest in an edgeless monitor. Read on to discover the best monitors without bezels on the market now. I’ve reviewed the top bezel less monitors, including their pros, cons, and relevant specs. 

Buying Guide to the Best Bezel Less Monitor

Before you get ahead of yourself, there are a few things you need to know about bezel less monitors. 

Here’s a quick summary of the essential factors when comparing monitors with no bezels. 

Keep these factors in mind, and you’re sure to find the best bezel less monitor for your needs.

What is a Bezel Less Monitor?

So, let’s take a quick look at what a bezel less monitor is, anyway. Bezel less monitors don’t have thick, chunky borders (named bezels) around the screen. Instead, it looks like there’s nothing around the monitor at all. 

There will still be a very thin strip around the monitor to hold it all together. But in comparison with regular monitors, you can hardly notice it. 

So, it maximizes the screen space and improves your viewing experience. A bezel less design means that the monitor won’t take up any more space, but you get more bang for your buck. 

A bezel less monitor has tons of benefits for anyone from gamers to graphic designers

Screen Size

The first factor to consider is the screen size you need. That will depend on your workspace and how much room you have. The larger the screen, the easier it is to work in detail. 

So, a bigger screen is essential for anyone creative. For example, it’s a must-have for graphic designers, illustrators, and photo editors.

But you don’t want a screen too big, or it will dominate your desk. You’ll need enough space for your keyboard and mouse, for example. 

Plus, the larger the screen, the more you can expect to pay. So, the size you choose will also depend on your budget. But if you have more money to spend, I’d recommend going for a larger monitor. You won’t regret it! 

Refresh Rate

You might have heard of the refresh rate on monitors and wondered how important it is. When looking at monitors online, you’ll see a number like 60Hz or 144 Hz. That’s the refresh rate we’re talking about here. 

The refresh rate refers to how often the image on the screen updates. The higher the number, the faster the screen refreshes. 60 Hz is a standard refresh rate for most monitors. But in comparison, a 144Hz rate is noticeably much faster.

But when is a fast refresh rate most important? It will make the biggest impact on gamers who need super-speedy reaction times. And that’s why most bezelless gaming monitors will have a faster refresh rate. 

However, it can also be helpful when doing photo editing, graphic design, and video editing. As a result, you’ll be able to see your edits instantly and have a smoother workflow.

However, you might find that you don’t need a monitor with the fastest refresh rate. You might not even notice the difference unless you’re used to a higher refresh rate. And if you’re on a tighter budget, you could skip this factor to save some cash. 


The screen resolution affects how clear and sharp your images are. It’s measured in the number of pixels on the screen and will look something like this: 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

That’s an HD screen resolution and will meet most people’s needs – even creative professionals. It means there are 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically on the screen.

But if you have a bigger budget, you could invest in an even higher resolution. It also depends on the size of the monitor you want to buy. 

The same resolution will look sharper on a smaller monitor than on a bigger one. That’s because they’ll both have the same amount of pixels. But each pixel will be slightly larger on a bigger screen, so you’ll lose a little image quality.

So, if you want a huge monitor, it makes sense to look for a higher resolution. That way, you’ll still get crisp visuals essential for creative work and gaming. 

Color Support

If you’re a graphic designer or photographer, you’ll know how crucial the depth of color is. It can make all the difference to your designs or photos.

To explain quickly, not all monitors can display the same range of colors. We call it the color gamut – i.e., how many colors the screen can reproduce. 

The standard number is 16.7 million colors, which sounds like a lot. But in fact, some monitors can reproduce even more colors. And that will allow you to have greater precision over your work. 

A smaller color gamut will mean that your designs may not be as accurate as you’d think. There can be a discrepancy between what you see on your screen and what other people will see.

The color gamut will also make a difference if you use your computer for gaming or streaming movies. It might not be a critical factor, but you will notice more vivid true-to-life colors. 

So, it’s essential to look for a monitor with a wide color gamut. 


Let’s not skip over another critical factor – the price. Monitors come in all sorts of models, from basic to premium. So, there’s something out there for everyone. 

Bezel less monitors tend to fall into the premium or luxury category. So, you can expect most of these edgeless screens to be more expensive than a standard monitor. I’ll say this up-front, so you don’t have false expectations.

But the good news is that there are some affordable monitors with no bezels out there. I’ve rounded up the best options out there at each price point. So, browse through the reviews and find one that fits your needs and budget. 

Samsung Space 32-Inch SR75 UHD 4K

Best Bezel-Less Monitor 4K

best bezel less monitor 4k

(Image credit: Samsung)

If you’re looking for a bezel less monitor, it would be hard to go wrong with this fantastic Samsung model. 

It’s a huge 32-inch screen with an incredible 4K resolution. So, it’s perfect for anyone who needs superb visuals. That makes it suitable for photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and more. The large screen size allows windows to open next to each other. As a result, you can streamline your workflow and avoid clicking back and forth between tabs. 

This monitor ticks all the right boxes – excellent contrast, brightness, and colors. It boasts 3840 x 2160 pixels and a fast 4ms response time. 

And as for the bezels, they’re hardly there at all. It has almost invisible bezels around the top and sides, with a slim bezel along the bottom. So, you get a larger screen without giving up any more desk space.

However, it only has a 60 Hz refresh rate. If you’re a serious gamer, that could be a deal-breaker for you. If that’s the case, keep reading for my top recommendations for a bezelless gaming monitor. 

This monitor also has a superior build quality, making it extremely durable. So, this screen should last you a long time. 

It has a sturdy, height-adjustable stand, so you can get the screen level just right. As a result, you can work more comfortably in an ergonomic position. It’s also very compact and won’t take up too much space on your desk. So, there’s a lot to like about this smart design. 

The Samsung Space monitor comes with an integrated clamp. So, you can attach it to your desk quickly and without any DIY knowledge required. It’s compatible with most desks up to 3.54 inches thick, providing more flexibility. 

Another excellent feature is the eye-saver mode. It customizes the settings to protect your eyes, especially for those long workdays. But most importantly, you’ll still get a decent brightness and accurate colors. So, it’s the best of both worlds, maximizing your precision and comfort. 

As you can see, there’s a lot going for this gorgeous bezel-less Samsung monitor. It has some of the best features and specs on the market. It’s an ideal choice for any creative professional!


  • Screen Size: 31.5 inches
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Color Support: 72% NTSC; 1 billion colors


  • It has a huge bezel-less screen
  • Ideal for creative professionals
  • The 4K image resolution is superb
  • It maximizes your screen space 
  • It has a compact design and clamps to your desk


  • Not the best choice for gamers due to the slower refresh rate
  • The screen isn’t the best for brightness

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Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q 27-Inch 4K IPS Monitor

Best 27-Inch Bezelless Monitor

best 27-inch bezelless monitor

(Image credit: Dell)

This Dell monitor is another excellent thin-bezel monitor. At 27 inches, it’s slightly smaller and more compact than the 32-inch Samsung model above. But that will also make it more practical if you don’t have such a large workspace. In that case, this monitor could be just what you need!

This model has thin bezels all the way around, from the top to the sides and the bottom. So, you get an incredible viewing experience, no matter what you’re doing. 

The slim bezels allow you to work on creative projects without any color or size distortion. You can focus solely on your work and ensure it looks exactly how you want it. Plus, you don’t lose out on any screen space on chunky bezels. 

This bezel-less monitor also has excellent brightness at 350cd/m2. Factor in the bright, vivid colors, and it’s perfect for photo editing or graphic design. This monitor supports 1.07 billion colors, so it’s ideal for any work that requires color accuracy. 

Even better, it’s more affordable than the larger 32-inch model reviewed above. So, if you’re watching your cash, this one is a great choice. 

And as you’d expect from Dell, it’s well-built and durable. It even comes with a warranty to ensure your peace of mind.

So, what about the specs? This monitor has a 5ms response time and a 60 Hz refresh rate. In this respect, it’s pretty standard and not designed for gamers.

Thanks to Dell Universal Pairing, you can even connect up to six devices with this monitor. That makes it quick and easy to get set up and start working. 

But otherwise, this monitor ticks all the right boxes. 


  • Screen Size: 27 inches
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Color Support: 1.07 billion colors


  • It has excellent color accuracy, with 1.07 billion colors
  • The screen brightness is fantastic
  • It’s easy to connect devices


  • The screen size is a little smaller
  • Better for creative work than for gaming

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BenQ PD2700U 27 inch 4K Monitor

Best Bezel Free Monitor for Creative Professionals

best bezel free monitor for creative professionals

(Image credit: Benq)

BenQ is well known for producing quality monitors with streamlined, smart designs. But even better, their products are also affordable and reasonably priced. 

This computer screen has a lot going for it. It’s one of the thinnest bezel monitors around, with almost invisible edges on the top and sides. It does have a slightly chunkier bezel on the bottom for structural integrity. But this monitor is well worth checking out. 

Its 4K image resolution will blow your mind, especially on this screen size. The visuals are crystal-clear and as sharp as you can imagine. 

And with the wide viewing angles, it’s easier to see your work from any angle. Combined with the huge color gamut, creatives will love this monitor. It makes it easier to work in intricate detail when precision and color accuracy is crucial.

Even better, the colors are pre-calibrated and Pantone-validated. So, there’s no need to waste time messing around with the settings. You can jump right in and get to work. 

For the video editors, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s also HDR10-compatible. There are no limits to what you can do and create with this almost edgeless monitor. 

The BenQ team also incorporated eye-care technology into this design. This monitor is flicker-free and has a low-blue-light setting. So, you’re less likely to get headaches or strain your eyes while you work. 

Admittedly, the stand looks a little clunkier than with some other monitors. But this design also provides stability and support for the monitor.

This BenQ edgeless monitor was designed with creative professionals in mind. Whether you’re a graphic designer, video editor, or digital artist, it works wonders. This monitor provides the color accuracy, brightness, and sharp visuals you need.


  • Screen Size: 27 inches
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Color Support: 100% sRGB; 1 billion colors


  • An excellent 27-inch monitor
  • Specially designed for all sorts of creative professionals 
  • It has very slim bezels and a sturdy design
  • It has a bright screen and great contrast
  • The colors are super accurate, with a wide color gamut


  • It has the standard 60 Hz refresh rate – not the best for gamers

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ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV 27” WQHD Monitor

Best Budget 27-inch Bezel Less Monitor

best budget 27-inch bezel less monitor

(Image credit: Asus)

The ASUS ProArt display offers excellent value for money for a bezel-less monitor. 

It’s a 27-inch monitor, large enough for all sorts of creative work. But it won’t wipe out your savings and is cheaper than the other similar options on this list. So, it’s well worth your consideration if you’re budget-conscious. 

The biggest difference between this ASUS model is that it doesn’t have a 4K display. But with a high WQHD display, it’s still suitable for almost all uses. With 2560 x 1400 pixels, images and videos should look crisp and vivid. 

Plus, it provides superb color accuracy with a 100% SRBG color gamut. The colors are factory-calibrated with Calman validation. So, you can feel confident that your work will come out accurate and true-to-life. 

And gamers will appreciate the faster 75 Hz refresh rate. So, the pros outweigh the cons regarding the ASUS ProArt monitor. 

This monitor is also super-customizable and ergonomic. You can adjust the tilt, angle, and pivot to have the perfect working position. It also has eye-care technology and an anti-glare screen. These features ensure you can work comfortably and safely, even for long stretches. 

Overall, the Asus ProArt offers fantastic features and specs at an affordable price. It’s one of the best bezel-less monitors for anyone on a budget.


  • Screen Size: 27 inches
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Refresh rate: 75 Hz
  • Color Support: 100% sRGB 


  • It offers superb value for money
  • It has a great image resolution 
  • You can adjust the tilt, swivel, and angle to suit your needs
  • It has a fast refresh rate and a wide color range


  • It’s not a 4K display

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LG 24MP88HV-S Neo Blade III Monitor 24″ FHD

Best Low-Cost Small Bezel Monitor

best low-cost small bezel monitor

(Image credit: LG)

If you’re tight on space, this LG monitor could be perfect for you. It’s more compact at 24 inches, so it will work well if you have a smaller desk. 

But at the same time, every inch of the screen counts as it’s not wasted on thick bezels. So, you get more screen space for the size of the monitor and less dead space. At just 2.5 mm, this is the thinnest bezel monitor you’re likely to find. 

This small bezel monitor is also my top choice for gamers. Despite the smaller size, it offers an exceptional gaming experience. The visuals are outstanding, and the faster 75 Hz is a real bonus. Plus, it has wide viewing angles of 178 degrees. So, this great monitor will completely immerse you in your game. 

As for the setup, you have options. It’s VESA-compatible, so you can mount it to your wall or a monitor arm. But it also has a compact silver stand that won’t take up much of your desk. So, it leaves space for your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. 

The LG Neo Blade III monitor supports 16.7 million colors. That sounds impressive, and it does have good color accuracy. However, it doesn’t beat the other models on this list with over 1 billion colors. If you work with color, you may notice a difference. You’ll need to decide whether the color gamut makes the difference to you. 

Overall, this computer screen is one of my top choices for the best bezelless gaming monitor. It’s gorgeous, with a fast refresh rate and great visuals. And it’s also super affordable, making it more budget-friendly. 

It doesn’t beat the more premium 4K monitors for image resolution and color accuracy. But with an FHD display, it’s still suitable for almost everyone – even creative professionals. 


  • Screen Size: 24 inches 
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Refresh rate: 75 Hz
  • Color Support: 99% sRBG; 16.7 million colors


  • A great low-cost screen with no bezels
  • It has a good HD resolution
  • The wide color range makes it suitable for creative work
  • The fast refresh rate is ideal for gamers


  • It doesn’t support as many colors as the other monitors reviewed here 

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Bezel Less Screens FAQ

What is a monitor bezel?

The monitor bezel refers to the edge or border around the screen itself. In regular TVs and computer screens, the bezels are much more chunky and take up a lot of space. But in recent years, bezels have been shrinking. That creates a more sleek and streamlined design. 

What is a bezel less monitor?

A bezel less monitor has much slimmer borders around the edge of the screen. So, you get more screen space without taking up more room, making it more efficient. That is useful if you need to work with superior color accuracy and reduce distractions. It provides an outstanding viewing experience and is much more immersive. 

Is a bezel less monitor good?

A bezel-less monitor is a great choice if you’re a serious gamer. You feel more absorbed in the gameplay and can focus better. 
The same goes if you work in illustration or design. You’ll find it easier to see your work without any distractions. 
It makes it easier to get precise and accurate with your chosen colors and cuts down on any distortions. Plus, watching movies on a bezel less screen is a next-level experience! 

Bezel less monitor

The Wrap Up

Now, you have a good idea of the best bezel-less monitors available. 

I’ve picked these by choosing the best specs and features. But there’s something for everyone, ranging from low-cost to premium. 

A monitor without bezels will transform your experience, whether it’s for work or play. So, take your pick and let me know which one you choose in the comments below! 

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, Proactive Creative may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.


Outmane is the founder of Proactive Creative. He is an artist/designer.

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