Inner Child Unleashed: Free Adult Coloring Pages

Anyone can have fun and enjoy coloring in doodle color pages! It’s one of the best ways to relax, let your creativity flow, and release the day’s stress. 

I’ve put together this round of the best inspirational coloring pages out there! In this list, you’ll find tons of free coloring pages and printables you can download and use. 

There are all sorts of free coloring sheets on almost any topic imaginable. So, there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer doodling mandalas or coloring in animals or flowers, you’ll find it here!

Want some tips on how to color with coloring pencils? Check out my guide here! I’ve also reviewed the best-colored pencils for artists, and for coloring books

Free Printable Coloring Pages

I’ve created some of my own original abstract coloring drawings, just for you! You can download my printables for free here and have fun coloring them.

Free printable abstract coloring page

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Free abstract coloring plant drawing

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Free printable drawing

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)


Now let’s get onto the best adult coloring pages and patterns! 

The Best Free Coloring Pages & Printables for Adults

Faber Castell Coloring Pages

This art supplier knows how important creativity is for everyone, including adults. That’s why they’ve put together a great collection of free pattern coloring pages for adults! 

You’ll find more than twenty pages of beautiful mandalas and designs to download. They range from detailed mehndi patterns to lovable cats and dogs.

Art is Fun Free Coloring Pages

If you like fun and whimsical designs to color, you’ll love these free printable coloring pages. This website is devoted to making art accessible, so you can take your pick from loads of coloring pages. They are all taken from published art coloring books, so they’re of the highest quality. 

Looking for unique and creative images to color? Check out this selection! You’ll find inspirational quotes, cute animals, and beautiful abstract images.

Loner Wolf Coloring Printables

Coloring isn’t just a hobby to pass the time. It’s relaxing and can be a mindful and meditative activity! The creators behind Loner Wolf understand this, too. That’s why they’ve created some beautiful and intricate coloring pages for you! 

You’re sure to love these gorgeous designs inspired by nature. So grab your pencils, take a breath, and live in the moment as you color in these detailed designs! 

Hattifant Design Coloring Pages

This website has some amazing coloring printables you can download. What sets them apart? These printables are huge! For most of these designs, you’ll need to print off several pages and piece them together into a larger design. But the result is incredible and worthy of displaying on your wall. 

You can choose between a giant heart poster, a mandala carpet, or even a 3D paper globe. There are also seasonal pages to get you in the holiday spirit. 

These printable adult coloring pages make for great projects you can work on for a while. Or you can get the whole family involved, as kids will love these fun coloring pages too! 

Crayola Adult Coloring Patterns and Pages

You may associate the Crayola brand with kids. But these folks understand that adults need to color, too! That’s why they’ve come up with loads of fun coloring pages for adults. These designs are unique and creative. So, it’s no wonder they’ve been download hundreds of thousands of times!

You’ll find regular coloring pages here as well as color-by-number designs. There are inspirational posters with quotes and fun lettering pages to color. You can choose between edgy, modern designs or seasonal images. There’s even a thank you poster you can color and write your own message on and gift to someone you love!

Just Color Adult Coloring Pages

Just Color has one of the most extensive collections of coloring pages on the web. You’ll be spoilt for choice with this wide selection. 

This website is easy to browse and find what you need. There are categories for mandalas, nature pages, art, travel, and special events. That makes it easy to find the perfect coloring pages for any day. Whatever your mood is, there’s something for you here!

Looking for something for your kids? They also have a massive catalog of simpler art printables for children.

Super Coloring Doodle Art Coloring Pages

There are hundreds of art coloring pages on Super Coloring. If you’re arty, you’ll love printables based on famous paintings. This vast collection features artists like Monet, Van Gogh, Mondrian, Warhol, and Banksy.

But that’s not all this website has to offer! There are whole sections for manga and anime, Zentangles, and Mandalas. That’s not to mention the doodle art pages, graffiti, and all sorts of other images. You’ll also find beautiful designs inspired by Aztec, Aboriginal, and Celtic art. 

I doubt you’ll find such a wide selection of adult coloring pages anywhere else on the net!

Coloring Home Color Doodles and Patterns

If you prefer to color in abstract patterns and mandalas, head to this website! It’s full of creative and fresh designs for you to get creative. These intricate patterns will take lots of time to complete. So, you can get lost in your coloring and find a new level of peace and calm as you work on them. 

Tried and True Inspirational Coloring Pages

Tried and True create fabulous coloring printables that can also double up as home decor. Not only do you get the fun of coloring in these designs, but you can display them. Then, you’ll get a little boost of inspiration or motivation each time you see them! 

Each of these coloring posters has a fun message. They vary from ‘books are forever friends’ to ‘summer is my happy place’. Browse through and find one that speaks to you! You can download and print in seconds and get to work with your coloring pencils. Then, display it on your wall, fridge, or wherever you like to see your handiwork! 

There are also sweet messages you can gift to that special person in your life. They’re sure to appreciate your thoughtful gift, like the ‘Love You Forever’ page. 

Best free printable coloring pages for adults

The Wrap Up

There you have the most beautiful and fun free pattern coloring pages for adults! This hobby is relaxing, creative, and very affordable, so anyone can enjoy it! 

With this list of doodle color pages, you’ll never be short of something to color in! You can also use many of these free art printables as activities to keep your kids busy or in the classroom.

Let me know in the comments which website you like best for free pattern coloring pages for adults! And what type of coloring pages do you prefer to color in? I’d love to know!

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Outmane is the founder of Proactive Creative. He is an artist/designer.

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