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Any gamer will know how essential it is to have the right mouse. 

But when you’re gaming, the constant clicking can get pretty annoying. That’s why more and more people are searching for the best silent-click gaming mouse

The good news is that some excellent quiet gaming mouse options are available. 

Working out which one is a noiseless gaming mouse is a bit trickier! That’s why it makes sense to go for a tried and tested model.

I did plenty of research and created this guide to the best silent mouse around. 

These recommendations have all the features you need for an epic gaming session. And you can be sure that you’ll have the quietest mouse around! 

No more winding up your family with your gaming hobby (and the constant clicks!) Sounds good? Then read on!

First, I’ll go over what makes a great silent gaming mouse. Then, we’ll dive into the reviews!

The Best Silent Mouse for Gaming Buying Guide

Best Silent Mouse for Gaming

Here’s what you need to look out for when shopping for a quiet-click mouse!

Designed for Gamers

If you’re an avid gamer, any old mouse won’t do. You need one made with gamers in mind!

That’s because gaming mice have extra features that a regular mouse won’t have. These can include programmable buttons for optimal customizability.

A gaming mouse will also be faster and more responsive. Plus, it should have an ergonomic design and feel very comfortable to hold.

Wireless or Wired Mouse?

Another big question to ask yourself is whether you are happy with a wired mouse? Or is having a wireless mouse a dealbreaker for you?

A wireless mouse will allow you to move freely without getting tangled up in wires. You can use the mouse comfortably from anywhere.

But some wireless models can be less responsive and have delays. So, that’s a factor to keep in mind! 

Response Time

You’ll know that a split-second delay is a difference between winning and losing when you’re gaming. The speed and responsiveness of your mouse are essential factors! 

You’ll need to check out the polling rate and DPI to determine how sensitive a mouse is. 

The DPI means dots per inch. Look for a model with at least 1,500 DPI to ensure the best sensitivity.

As for responsiveness, look up the polling rate. This information tells you the speed at which your mouse sends data to the computer. 

Top gaming models should have a polling rate of 300 Hz or higher. Compared to the average mouse’s polling rate of around 150 Hz, you’ll see a huge difference!

It’s also critical to find out the mouse’s sensors. 

Your two options are laser or optical sensors. When speed is the main priority, I always recommend using laser sensors.


You can spend hours at a time gaming. So, you need a mouse that is comfortable to use. 

It should have an ergonomic shape that reduces wrist strain and torsion. The materials should have a nice feel and provide some grip without feeling sticky.

Look for a mouse that is hardwearing and made from durable materials. A flimsy plastic mouse won’t last as long as one that is sturdy and robust.

Just as important as the feel is the looks of the mouse. Many gaming mice have cool features like backlighting and a unique design. 

These little touches can make your mouse stand out and be great fun to use. Customizable backlighting takes it to the next level of cool. 

Most Importantly: The Noise

The nonstop clicking of a mouse is one of the most irritating sounds for you and others. That’s why it’s vital to find out which option has silent mouse clicking!

Small features can make all the difference in how noisy a mouse is. Rubber initiators under the switches can reduce the clicky noise. 

Mechanical encoders for scrolling are much smoother and quieter than optical versions. 

Finally, you’ll need to consider how much noise the mouse makes as you move it on your desk. Plastic gliding feet will dampen this sound, whereas other materials can amplify it. 

The Best Silent Mouses

Read on if you’re looking for the best mouses for League of Legends or another game! There’s something for everyone and every budget here.

MOJO Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse

Best silent mouse for gaming - MOJO Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse

(Image credit: MOJO)

The Mojo Pro Performance is one of the top gaming mice around. It offers all the essential features from programmable buttons to incredible sensitivity.

The specs are impressive, with 12,000 DPI and 1000 Hz. You won’t be disappointed by this mouse’s superb responsivity and sensitivity.

The Mojo Pro is a silent wired mouse, so there will be no delays or lags to deal with. 

It fits snugly in your hand with an ergonomic design. The buttons are in the right place for ease of play, and you can program them to your needs.

But best of all, the buttons make next to no noise. They are even force-adjustable for the ultimate customizability.


  • An excellent silent wired mouse
  • Excellent responsivity and powerful sensors


  • It’s not cheap

Check price on

JSCO Noiseless USB Optical Gaming Computer Wheel Mouse

Best silent mouse for gaming - JSCO Noiseless USB Optical Gaming Computer Wheel Mouse

(Image credit: JSCO)

This noiseless mouse from JSCO is a fantastic affordable option. The buttons are designed to be super-quiet, allowing you to game in peace.

You’ll notice a big difference between the noise of this silent mouse compared to a regular mouse. JSCO has achieved this by using patented noiseless switches under the buttons.

The only drawback is that the scrolling wheel is quiet but does make a slight noise.

You can also use this mouse for work, school, graphic design, and more. It’s practical but doesn’t have as many advanced features as high-end models.

It’s pretty sensitive with 1600 DPI, making it suitable for most games. But you can adjust this to 800 or 1200 DPI if you like.

It’s durable and made from quality materials, so it should last a long while. 


  • Very quiet mouse with patented noiseless switches
  • Sensitive enough for the majority of games


  • It’s quite small, so it might not be suited to large hands

Check price on

Granvela Noiseless Wireless Mouse

Best silent mouse for gaming - Granvela Noiseless Wireless Mouse

(Image credit: Granvela)

This mouse has a funky, unique design that looks cool. And thanks to the microswitch design, it’s almost silent. You can work in the same room as others without disturbing them.

Another benefit is that this mouse is wireless. You can use it up to 20 meters away from your computer without losing any responsivity. This feature allows you complete freedom of movement.

It has a nice feel in hand with a smooth yet grippy texture. The Granvela mouse fits neatly with the hand’s shape, with a useful indent to rest your thumb.

It’s designed to prevent any wrist pain. So, you can play for longer without worrying about RSI and other injuries.

With up to 2400 DPI, you won’t need to worry about lags and interruptions. Play will be fast and seamless with lighting-speed responses.

It looks smart and sleek without being too flashy. Plus, Granvela built this to withstand 300 million clicks. So, it should serve you for a long time.

It even comes with a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind.


  • An excellent wireless mouse that is very quiet
  • Comfortable ergonomic design


  • It doesn’t have customizable buttons

Check price on

Iron Man Mouse, 2.4G Noiseless Wireless Mouse

Best silent mouse for gaming - Iron Man Mouse, 2.4G Noiseless Wireless Mouse

(Image credit: Nidiox)

Grab this Iron Man model if you’re looking for a unique yet noiseless mouse. 

It’s distinctive, with a red scroller wheel and two red lights resembling eyes. The sharp lines and distinct, ergonomic shape set it apart from its competitors. 

On top of this, it’s very affordable for a gaming mouse. Given the low price, you might expect this mouse to lack some key features.

But the Iron Man Mouse doesn’t disappoint! It’s a wireless model that can function from 33 feet away.

Constructed with a full metal skin, it’s hardwearing and robust. It can handle regular, lengthy gaming sessions and isn’t flimsy or fragile.

It has a gaming optical engine that is both responsive and sensitive. The power-saving mode is an excellent addition.

The button positioning gives you easy control and ensures your comfort for hours. You can turn the red ‘eye’ lights on or off, depending on your preference.

It’s by far the best silent wireless mouse on a budget! You get silence, ease of use, and plenty of features for a very low price.


  • Cool, eye-catching design and great features
  • Fantastic value for money


  • Not as sensitive as some high-end models

Check price on

VEGCOO C8 Silent Click

Best silent mouse for gaming - VEGCOO C8 Silent Click

(Image credit: VEGCOO)

By glancing at the VEGCOO C8, you can tell it’s worth a closer look. It’s got an inspired, funky design with colored LED lights and smooth lines.

Plus, advanced technology ensures that the right and left buttons are completely silent. So, you can use this mouse at any time of day and not worry about the noise.

It’s worth noting that the scrolling wheel isn’t silent, but it’s not that loud, either.

This wireless model gives you free movement for up to 10 meters from your computer. 

Plus, it’s rechargeable, so that means no more shelling out for batteries all the time. A full battery should last around 30 days.

The mouse fits perfectly in your hand, as the curved design follows the shape of your fingers and palm. This design ensures your comfort.

It’s a good size – not too big or too small – so it should suit most people. The matte surface has a tactile feel with the right amount of grip.

The VEGCOO C8 is an excellent mid-range gaming mouse with silent clicks.


  • Rechargeable wireless mouse
  • Silent clicks and curved design to fit your hand


  • It doesn’t offer customizable buttons

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VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best silent mouse for gaming - VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

(Image credit: VicTsing)

Here you have another attractive gaming mouse that will complete your rig with style. But the benefits go beyond the bright, eye-catching design.

The VicTsing mouse has two programmable buttons for the ultimate customizability. Plus, you can adjust the DPI up to a maximum of 2400 DPI.

You can adjust the mouse to your unique needs with five different DPI levels.

It’s also wireless with 2.4G Hz technology to prevent any lags or delays. It’s responsive enough for even the most demanding, fast-moving games.

Plus, it’s durable and very quiet in use. These factors combine to make it a great noiseless mouse.


  • Cool aesthetics and no wires
  • It has handy programmable buttons


  • Only the left and right buttons are silent

Check price on

The Wrap Up

Now you’ve seen recommendations for the best silent mouse for gaming, and it’s time to decide! Which one will you buy?

Upgrading to a quiet mouse will greatly impact your gaming experience. Plus, it will make your roomie or significant other more accepting of your love for gaming! 

You’ll get more out of your gaming habit without the annoying clicking. And you’ll know that you’re not disturbing anyone, either. It’s a win-win situation!

I picked out only the best gaming mouse options while ensuring they were quiet. These models are durable, responsive, and offer all the necessary features!

So make your pick and click the links above to buy your preferred option!

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