Workspace Revolution: Finest Underdesk Keyboard Trays

We spend far too long working on our computers, and it can lead to aches, pains, and even injuries.

It’s essential to have the right posture to protect your wrist, arms, neck, and shoulders when you’re at your desk. Your typing position can even cause back pain that could stop you from working at your best. 

An underdesk keyboard tray promotes an optimal typing position. It ensures you sit safely and can protect against neck and shoulder pain, wrist strain, and even RSI.  [1]

Plus, a desk keyboard tray doubles up as smart storage for your keyboard and frees up your desktop. So, it’s a clever solution for small offices or when you’re working from home.

It could increase your productivity, boost your comfort, and protect your health. What’s not to like?

But you might not know how to choose the right underdesk tray for your keyboard. Here’s my roundup of the best slide out keyboard trays and a buying guide to help you choose! 

Buying Guide for the Best Underdesk Keyboard Tray

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re choosing an underdesk keyboard tray. Here’s what you should look out for to help you make the right decision!

Size & Compatibility of the Underdesk Keyboard Mount 

First of all, you should check that the underdesk keyboard drawer is the right size for your desk. 

You should also verify whether it will fit your keyboard. Some keyboards are very slim and compact, while others take up more space. If you like to prop your keyboard at an angle, factor that space in, too. 

Will it double up as a keyboard and mouse tray? Not all keyboard trays are big enough to hold your mouse, too. If that’s a priority, look for a larger keyboard shelf. 

Next, take a look at the quality of the materials used for the keyboard holder. Does it appear to be durable and long-lasting?

Finally, you should think about whether you’ll have enough legroom. Measure the height of your desk and add in the space the drawer will take up.


Your comfort should always be a priority when you’re working. That’s why it’s so important to have an optimal sitting position.So, there are a few things to consider. 

First of all, is the keyboard tray adjustable? Everyone is built differently, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

You should be able to select the best height for your desk and your body. The best pull-out keyboard tray will be very adjustable in height. It should also allow you to tilt the keyboard up or down for the perfect angle.

Next, you want to look out for a keyboard drawer that has built-in wrist cushioning. Some keyboard trays will have a padded wrist rest, but even better if it has a gel wrist support. 

Ease of Use 

Before you buy any keyboard tray, you should find out how  it attaches to the desk. Some designs are very straightforward, while others will be more complicated.

There may also be some compatibility issues depending on the style of your desk. You should check any limits about the thickness or material of your desk. 

For example, you can’t drill into a metal or glass desk or screw nails into it. Make sure you’ve checked all these things to ensure your chosen tray is suitable for your workspace.

You should also consider whether you need a tray that retracts beneath the desk. If you have a small office space, that will be essential. Most trays will slide beneath the desk, but not all.

You can find out more about the ease of setup by reading reviews (like my reviews above!) 

This point leads us onto…


Think about where you will use the underdesk keyboard drawer. You don’t need to worry about portability if you intend to set up your home office and work in just one place.

So, to work from different surfaces and desks, you should look for an adjustable tray. It may be possible to remove a clamp on keyboard tray in minutes. 

But some keyboard trays are designed to stay in one place once attached. If you drill the keyboard shelf into place, you’ll struggle to remove it again. While these trays tend to be sturdier, they are less flexible to your needs.

However, portable trays can be flimsy and even wobble when you type. So, you need to weigh up your priorities to make your decision.

Additional Features

You will find that some keyboard drawers come with extra features and attachments. A common bonus feature is a slideout tray for a mouse. 

Keep your eye out for any handy features, but consider how much you’ll use them before you spend your money.

You may find a computer keyboard tray that comes with a warranty. That can be a huge bonus, as it could save you money if the tray gets damaged within the warranty period.

But overall, you should look for a durable keyboard tray that fits your desk and meets your needs. Make sure that it’s compatible and allows you to sit in an ergonomic position, with enough legroom. 

If the pull out keyboard tray ticks all these boxes, then it’s a winner!

Best underdesk keyboard trays

The Best Keyboard Trays for your Desk

3M Keyboard Tray

3M Keyboard drawer

(Image credit: 3M)

You’ve probably heard of 3M, as they are one of the best stationery and office supply brands around. This keyboard tray is just what you’d expect from this name.

It’s adjustable, sturdy, and high-quality. The 3M keyboard tray is constructed with a robust steel arm and a durable wooden platform. 

It even comes with a lifetime warranty for the keyboard arm and a 5-year warranty for the tray platform. That makes it a great investment of your money, as it’s built to last.

You can angle the keyboard with a simple knob to get the perfect position for your wrists. The gel wrist rest provides extra support, making it comfortable for extended periods.

Plus, the entire underdesk keyboard drawers swivels 360 degrees. So, you can tuck it neatly beneath your desk when not in use to save space.

There’s even a dedicated and precise mouse pad for your mouse to sit on.

The strength, versatility, and features make it the best computer keyboard tray around.


  • Very sturdy and versatile, with a comfy gel wrist pad
  • You can angle it and swivel it for the best typing position


  • It’s not the cheapest pull out keyboard tray around

Check price on


Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Adjustable Keyboard Tray

(Image credit: S Stand Up Desk Store)

This full-size keyboard tray can easily hold your keyboard and mouse, freeing up your desk. You can adjust the height, so it’s customizable to ensure you sit comfortably. 

This clamp on keyboard tray is quick to set up and will suit most desks up to 1.5 inches thick. But make sure your desk is compatible before you buy! 

You can slide this tray away smoothly below your desk when you’re not typing. It also allows you to remove the tray quickly, so it won’t get in the way and it’s easily portable.

The lip holds your keyboard securely in place at all times, so it doesn’t slip around. And while it doesn’t have wrist support, the chamfered edge is comfortable to lean on.

This retractable keyboard tray offers flexibility for your desk setup. 


  • It’s easy to attach and saves you space
  • You can adjust the height between 3 settings on this full-sized keyboard tray


  • It’s not as sturdy as some other models

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VIVO Small Clamp-on Under Desk Tray

Under desk keyboard drawer VIVO

(Image credit: VIVO)

This one fits the bill if you’re looking for a compact keyboard dray. It measures just 20 x 11 inches but can hold your keyboard and create more room on your desk.

The VIVO tray clamps your desk easily, making it easy to attach. No DIY skills are necessary! 

All the instructions are included and it won’t damage your desk, so you can use it without worrying!

It’s sturdy, can hold up to 11lbs, and slides smoothly. Although it’s easy to remove, this tray is robust and won’t wobble as you type, for a better user experience.

But it only fits desks up to 1.25 inches in thickness, so double-check the compatibility first.  

If you buy this underdesk keyboard tray, you also get a 3-year manufacturer warranty. That can save you money if anything goes wrong, as the manufacturer should repair or replace it.


  • It’s compact yet strong, and comes with a warranty
  • This underdesk drawer is large enough for your keyboard and mouse


  • It can roll in as you type sometimes

Check price on


Fellowes Office Suites

Fellowes Office Suites Underdesk Keyboard Drawer

(Image credit: Fellowes)

Fellowes has designed this underdesk keyboard drawer to be as user-friendly as possible. You can adjust the height to get the ideal ergonomic setup.

This tray has a sleek, streamlined design that will look great in your office. It’s constructed from recycled materials, making it eco-friendly and sustainable. 

You do need to drill holes into the underside of your desk to attach the drawer runners. While that makes it strong and prevents movement, it’s not a portable tray.

It also comes with an extra mouse tray. That gives you a dedicated space for your mouse, and you can attach it on the left or right side. So, it’s perfect for left-handers, too!


  • It’s a sturdy keyboard tray that slides in smoothly
  • It can support a full-sized keyboard and mouse with 3 different height settings


  • It’s not portable and requires drilling into your desk

Check price on


EUREKA ERGONOMIC Adjustable Keyboard Drawer

EUREKA Adjustable Keyboard Drawer

(Image credit: EUREKA)

The Eureka keyboard drawer is fully ergonomic and adjustable. It’s perfect for people who put in long hours at their computer. 

Whether you’re a gamer or need to be at your desk to work, it’s the ideal solution for keeping you comfortable. It’s very versatile, so it adapts to fit your needs.

You can set the perfect rotation and tilt for the keyboard to protect your wrists and shoulders. It’s also possible to raise or lower the keyboard to get the right height. 

You can even retract the keyboard entirely when not in use. So, it’s about as flexible as an under desk keyboard tray could be!

The ergonomic arm rest provides even more support for your wrist, so it’s suitable for people who type all day. It should reduce any discomfort and boost your productivity as a result.

While it’s not portable, it’s very easy to attach and creates a sturdy platform for typing. You can even have it level with the desktop to increase your work surface.

For adaptability, it’s the best keyboard tray for desk around. If you’re looking for a durable, permanent setup, go for this Eureka undermount keyboard tray. It won’t disappoint!


  • Very adaptable, with adjustable height, rotation, and tilt angle
  • It looks cool and has a supportive ergonomic wrist rest


  • It’s not portable and you can’t detach it once in place

Check price on


Seville Keyboard & Mouse Tray

Under desk keyboard

(Image credit: Seville Classics)

This simple yet practical under-desk keyboard drawer is worth checking out. It has all the features you’d expect from an adjustable keyboard tray under desk.

That includes tilt and height adjustability, a padded wrist rest, and swivel function.

It moves thanks to the robust ball-bearing sliders smoothly. You can retract the tray if you need to get closer to your desk. 

The entire tray wipes clean for low maintenance, including the wrist rest. It’s large enough for a keyboard and mouse, freeing up your desktop.

It’s hard to cut back on the time you spend at your desk. So if you struggle with wrist pain from typing, the padded support is a huge bonus.


  • Very versatile and adjustable, so it can suit anyone and almost any desk
  • The installation is quick and straightforward and the tray is sturdy


  • The tray is on the small size for larger keyboards

Check price on


ErGear Keyboard Tray Under Desk

 ErGear Keyboard Tray Under Desk

(Image credit: ErGear)

This is another excellent clamp on keyboard tray. The ErGear under desk tray is generous at 26.3 x 11.8 inches, so it can easily hold a mouse and keyboard.

It’s one of the best slide out keyboard trays for portability and flexibility. You can attach it to almost any surface in seconds and remove it just as quickly. 

This is ideal if you share desks or work from different spaces in your house, for example. It also means that you don’t have to drill into your desk if you don’t want to!

The clamps even have foam desk protectors to prevent any marks on your desk.

Another nice feature is the barrier at the back that stops your keyboard from slipping off the tray. So, you won’t need to worry about losing anything off the back.

The ErGear team are so confident in this keyboard tray that they offer a 1-year warranty. That could be the final feature you need to win you over to this product! 


  • This extra-large keyboard tray is height-adjustable for a good fit
  • It clamps quickly and easily to almost any desk


  • You do need lots of room, so it may not be suitable for smaller desks

Check price on


HUANUO Keyboard Tray

Underdesk keyboard tray HUANUO Keyboard Tray Under Desk

(Image credit: HUANUO)

Finally, we have this adjustable keyboard tray under desk from Huanuo. It attaches with C-clamps for quick assembly and protective pads prevent any scratches.

You get a large space for your keyboard and mouse, as it measures 27.5 x 12.2 inches. The keyboard tray slides in and out with minimal effort, so you can easily retract it when not in use. 

That makes it perfect for compact workspaces where you need the flexibility. It’s also simple to remove altogether.

While it doesn’t come with a wrist rest, you’ll find that the bevelled front edge is quite comfortable. You could buy a low-cost gel pad for your wrist if you need extra support. 


  • An affordable keyboard tray with quick setup
  • It’s portable, retractable, and slides smoothly


  • It can shake a little and you can’t adjust the height of the tray

Check price on


The Wrap Up

So there you have an in-depth guide to the best pull-out keyboard trays for desks. 

Take your pick and click the link to find out more about your chosen under desk tray. Then, let me know which one you went for, or drop any questions below! 

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