Passionate Pursuits: Top 38 Hobbies for Artists Today

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from last years, it’s that we all need a hobby to do at home (or two or three).

It’s easy to lose track of the hours watching Netflix or scrolling through social media. But these pastimes can drain us and leave us passively consuming content.

The good news is that there are tons of productive things to do when bored. Whether or not you think of yourself as crafty, creative, or artistic, it’s a lot of fun to learn a new skill. It’s not about the results – it’s about challenging your brain with something fresh and exciting. 

Hobbies can be calming, therapeutic, or inspiring. With so much time at home, you want to spend it intentionally (at least some of the time). 

Spending time on creative outlets can also refresh and recharge you. When you’re constantly working, it’s easy to feel run down and exhausted. Your creativity can even take a hit. 

Working on a hobby has the opposite effect. It can promote mindfulness, so you’re in the present moment and not worrying about the past or future. It allows your brain time to relax, inspiring new ideas and thoughts as a result. We all need time to switch off from adulting. 

But coming with ideas for new hobbies to try can be tricky when you’re stuck at home.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of creative outlets and ultimate hobbies! There’s something for everyone on this list, from arts and crafts to hobbies on the computer. 

And you don’t need to be an expert – just trying new hobbies is beneficial! So give something new a go today, and have fun getting creative! 

The Top Creative Hobbies for Adults

Here’s my ultimate list of hobbies to pick up when you’re feeling bored or stressed. 

You can do all these creative hobbies from home (essential in!). From crafting hobbies to computer hobbies, there’s something for everyone here!


Anyone can draw; you don’t need to be an artist to find doodling calming and relaxing. 

There are all sorts of different media and supplies you can use, so why not try a few of these options? You’re sure to find something you enjoy! 

Here are some of my favorite supplies and ways to draw.

How to Get Better at Drawing – 5 Simple Tips for Beginners


All you need to start drawing is a good old pen and pencil. It’s as simple as that! That’s why this hobby has one of the lowest barriers to getting started. I guarantee that everyone has a pencil at home somewhere! 

Creative hobbies drawing pen

(Image: Kamila Maciejewska)

If you want some tips on learning to sketch, check out my blog post here. And if you’re short on ideas of what to draw, I’ve got tons of ideas to inspire you. 

Colored Pencils

Drawing with colored pencils isn’t just for kids. There are some fantastic artist-grade colored pencils, and you can create gorgeous designs. 

You can draw freehand or buy some adult coloring books. It’s totally up to you! 

There are some amazing coloring books around with gorgeous, intricate patterns. You can even display some of them or send them as postcards to your loved ones. Coloring itself is a meditative and relaxing practice, giving yourself time to think. 

Coloring books creative hobbies

Arteza Adult Coloring Book (Amazon)

Creative hobbies for adults postcards

Whatever Is Lovely Postcard Book (Amazon)


Drawing with a pen can create striking designs. It’s amazing what you can do with just a biro! 

If you want a new hobby that’s easy to pick up, consider picking up the nearest pen. There’s no investment involved as you don’t need to buy anything else! 

You can draw anything you like, from a room in your house to the view out the window. 

This video has some simple ideas and techniques to get you started:

If you don’t like the idea of drawing with a ballpoint, fine liner pens are also great fun to use. They provide a pop of color and allow for accuracy due to their precise tips.


Fancy trying something new? There’s nothing as satisfying as drawing with oil pastels! 

They create bold, bright colors and are quick to use. Plus, you don’t need to be an expert to create some gorgeous drawings! 

Pastel creative hobbies

(Image: Kelly Sikkema)

Oil pastels have less of a learning curve than painting with watercolors or acrylics. But they’re used by everyone from children up to professional artists.

They’re easy to use from anywhere. Just draw on the page with them, and you’ll soon see your image emerging. But you can create new effects by smudging, blending, and mixing colors. 

Check out some simple techniques in this video, and then have a go yourself! 


Chalk pastels look like oil pastels. But appearances can be deceiving! As the name suggests, chalk pastels are much more crumbly, soft, and easy to blend. 

They’re also very satisfying to work with, but it can get messy. You’ll get a lot of dust, so make sure to have a damp cloth nearby. Take care of your clothes and soft furnishings. 

chalk creative hobbies

(Image: Peter F)

Once that’s covered, you can have fun drawing with your chalk pastels. It’s a sensory experience as you smudge and work the chalks with your fingers. You can even add water to blend and create a new effect. 


Creative art hobbies for adults

If you’re ready to delve into a new art hobby, keep reading! There are loads of unique art mediums you can try out. Each technique and medium provides a different experience and an opportunity for creativity! 

Even if you don’t think of yourself as creative, you should give one of these art hobbies a try. It’s not about creating art for other people. Getting creative gives you an outlet and time to indulge your imagination. 

I guarantee that you’ll have fun, even if you don’t show anyone your artwork

Here are some great art sets to get you started. Or, you could treat a friend to one as a gift and inspire their creativity!

Here are my top recommendations for creative hobbies and art mediums:

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting is an excellent choice for beginners. It’s vibrant, easy to use, and dries very quickly. You can add water to create different effects and experiment with various styles.

Acrylic painting creative hobbies

(Image: Steve Johnson)

The good news is that it’s also quick and easy to clean up when you’re done. Acrylic paint will wash off your hands with water and soap – no harsh chemicals necessary.

Watercolor Painting

Artists have been painting with watercolors for centuries. It’s an affordable way to start painting – all you need is a set of watercolors, a brush, and some water. Your watercolors should last a long time, so you won’t need to spend more money on your new hobby.

Instead, you can spend time creating. It’s amazing how relaxing painting is – it’s a form of self-care! It inspires creativity, contemplation, and mindfulness. 

watercolor painting creative hobbies

(Image: Eleonora Tatalano)

You can create breathtaking paintings using this simple medium. There are some essential techniques to know, but the best way to learn is by putting brush to paper. 

Gouache Painting

Not so many people know about gouache painting, but it’s time for that to change! 

Gouache paint is a unique type of paint that’s vibrant and concentrated. It’s similar in some ways to watercolor and acrylic paint, but it has unique characteristics.

Gouache painting creative hobbies

(Image: Steve Johnson)

Just like watercolors, it’s made with color pigment and gum arabic, a binding agent. But it also has chalk added to the mixture and is thicker and brighter than watercolor paint. 

Gouache paint usually comes in tubes – no mixing required. You can add water to create backdrops or large areas of color. But it’s easy to create layers of gouache with incredible results. 


If you’re not familiar with airbrushing, then read on! It’s a fun way to create art by spraying paint onto almost any surface with an airbrush tool.

You can buy different nozzles to change to control the spray of paint. That gives you more control over what you create and makes small details possible. 

Airbrushing allows you to work on all sorts of surfaces, from clothes to cars! So if you fancy trying something new, why not invest in an airbrush tool? 

Airbrushing creative hobbies

(Image: Ivy Aralia Nizar)

It’s a unique and fun pastime that allows you to customize your possessions.

There’s potential to spend a lot buying new accessories, but you don’t need loads of tools to get started. Just a compressor, spray tool, cleaning kit, and paint. 

You can buy templates to use for airbrushing or make your own from masking foil. Creating your own designs can be challenging but worth it for a unique and personal result! 

Acrylic Pouring

If you want to try a unique and creative new hobby, check out acrylic pouring! This abstract form of art involves pouring liquid acrylic paint onto the canvas. It’s surprisingly satisfying.

You’ll get more technical with experience, but beginners also enjoy acrylic pouring. It’s fun to see the effects you make as the paint pools, puddles and runs over the canvas.

Acrylic pouring creative hobbies

(Image: Scott Webb)

The result is a vivid and eye-catching painting to adorn your home or gift to a loved one! 

There are a few things you’ll need to know before you get started, like how to prepare the paint correctly. Check out this detailed guide with all the steps and tips to help you get started! Happy pouring!

Papercraft and Stationery

Creative papercraft and stationery hobbies for adults

It’s amazing what you can create with paper, one of the simplest materials around. It’s a low-cost supply that anyone can get their hands on. 

So, here are some adult hobbies you can try using paper.

Art Journaling

Journaling has long been a way to express your thoughts. But art journaling takes it to the next level. It becomes a visual diary where you can let your creativity flow. 

You could paint, draw, use paper crafts, or whatever else you feel like in your art journal. It’s unique to you. Some art journals have a lot of writing in them, while others may not feature words at all. 

Art journaling creative hobbies

(Image: Noemi Mecavei Katocz)

Art journaling is an excellent practice for processing ideas, thoughts, and emotions. There’s no pressure to make it look amazing – it’s a place for you to experiment and express yourself. It can be very relaxing, especially during times of stress or boredom.

You don’t need much to get started, either. Any notebook or scrapbook will work, and you can use any art supplies you already have. 


Fancy trying the ancient art of origami? Originating in Japan and China, it involves making careful folds in the paper. By following the steps, you can turn a simple piece of paper into a delicate work of art.

Origami promotes concentration, fine motor control, and hand-eye coordination. And it’s incredible to see what you can make from paper. Your projects can make cute little gifts or party favors to hand out, too! 

Origami creative hobbies

(Image: Katrin Hauf)

It’s easy to get started with origami! All you’ll need to buy is a pack of origami paper. There are hundreds of video and picture tutorials online you can follow to get folding.

Origami paper

Origami Craze 500 Origami Paper Sheets Set (Amazon)

Check out these pretty origami crafts with detailed instructions for beginners. 

Paper Quilling

While origami is the art of folding, paper quilling is all about rolling paper strips. It sounds simple, but the results can be incredible. Take a look at the amazing paper artist Yulia Brodskaya’s work for some inspiration! 

Your designs may not look as advanced just yet, but there’s a lot you can do with a few simple techniques. As for supplies, you’ll need scissors, paper strips, glue, and a couple of quill needle tools.

Paper quilling creative hobbies

(Image: Prince Abid)

You can use paper quilling to decorate gift boxes, cards, canvases, and picture frames. They make lovely gifts, or you could even start a side hustle selling your crafts! 

This video shows you how to make 30+ quilling shapes that you can use for all sorts of crafts. 


Scrapbooking is a way of preserving memories by presenting them on the pages of a book. It’s creative and personal, as you can decorate the pages in any way you like. 

This traditional art form and hobby has been around for centuries. It dates back to when family photos were rare and people treasured them. Presenting them beautifully in a book protected the image. There’s also space for personal notes, descriptions, and decorative touches. 

Scrapbooking creative hobbies

(Image: Elena Kloppenburg)

But scrapbooking is a fun and thoughtful hobby you can still enjoy today. It’s the perfect way to remember a fun trip, your wedding day, or reflect on your childhood. 

You can get as creative as you like in your scrapbook. There are all sorts of scrapbooking supplies available. (This hobby could get expensive if you love all things stationery!) 

Scrapbooking supplies for creative hobbies

SICOHOME Scrapbooking Kit (Amazon)

But here are the basics you’ll need:

  • A scrapbook album
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • A pen
  • Decorative items & embellishments (stickers, ribbon, pressed flowers, stamps, washi tape, etc.)
  • Your photos, tickets, notes, and souvenirs

If you want some guidance on getting started, check out these videos for beginners. Then, have a go at your first project!

Bullet Journaling

You might have heard of bullet journaling, as it’s one of the most popular hobbies for adults. It combines creativity and organization to help you keep track of your life! 

Bullet journaling is a simple and practical way to keep track of tasks, events, and more. You use a blank journal and create different spreads, for example, a daily log and a weekly log. 

Here’s a quick run-down of the practical side of keeping a BuJo. The Rapid Logging system uses bullet points and symbols to organize everything.

Bullet journaling creative hobbies

(Image: Thats Her Business)

But it’s also a lot of fun because you can get as personalized and creative as you want! You can create custom logs for all sorts of things like your favorite movies or your bucket list. 

If you’re artistic, you can embellish the pages and let your creativity flow! Go crazy with supplies like washi tape, stickers, and colored pens

Need some inspiration for your bullet journal? Check out these gorgeous spreads


Creative sculpting hobbies for adults

Sculpting is another rewarding and relaxing hobby to consider! There are lots of different materials you can sculpt to create works of art.

There two main methods of sculpting are modeling or carving. Modeling is shaping a flexible material like clay. With carving, you start with a solid block and chip away until you get the finished product.

As artistic hobbies go, it’s a physical activity that gets you up and interacting with the material. So, it’s a great choice if you want to get more movement into your day, too! 


If you want to try your hand at a new hobby, why not give pottery a go? Working with clay is a fun sensory experience that’s rewarding, no matter your skill level.

Pottery can be a little complicated for beginners, so find out if there are any local classes near you. If not, you could watch a few YouTube tutorials or take an online pottery course instead. (Yes, they do exist!) 

Pottery creative hobbies

(Image: Quino Al)

You’ll need a few tools and supplies to get started. I recommend setting up a dedicated space if possible, so you don’t end up with clay dust everywhere.

But with a bit of practice, you’ll be creating mugs, bowls, vases, and more. There’s something very relaxing about working with clay.

Clay Sculpting

Like the sound of crafting with clay, but don’t want to invest in a pottery wheel? Then, consider clay sculpting instead. You get all the stress reduction and creativity, but it’s more affordable. You can work the clay with your hands and some simple, affordable tools. 

Clay sculpting creative hobbies

(Image: Jade Scarlato)

If you choose air-dry or polymer clay, you won’t even need to fire it in a kiln. You can get creative, experiment, and have a lot of fun. Some simple projects include items like small pots, animal figures, and sculptures. 

Want to find out more? Check out this article with easy beginner techniques and tips on choosing the right type of clay.

Wood carving

If you like the idea of getting back to nature and simple traditions, wood carving could be for you. For this timeless craft, patience and creativity are essential. 

The good news is that you don’t need as many tools as for woodworking. All you’ll need for most wood carving projects is wood, a saw, and a chisel. (You might want some finger protection like a glove or guard tape, too). 

Wood carving creative hobbies

(Image: Dominik Scythe)

But wood carving does require a lot of concentration as you’ll be working with sharp tools. You need to switch off any thoughts of to-do lists and focus on the project at hand. 

A wooden spoon is a classic project when you’re new to carving. Once you’ve whittled away for hours, you’ll appreciate that spoon more than you could ever imagine. 


I’ve covered sculpting clay and wood, but metal is another excellent material you can work with. It may sound challenging, I know. But people have been creating items from metal ever since the Iron Age. So, why not channel your inner blacksmith and give it a go for yourself?

There’s something epic about working with such a rigid material and knowing that you can shape it any way you want! 

Metalwork creative hobbies

(Image: Miguel Aguilera)

You could start with smaller projects like a ring, bracelet, or bottle opener. By starting small, you don’t need as much material. So, you won’t stress if it doesn’t come out perfectly on the first attempt. 

Interested in finding out more? Stock up on these essential tools and then get stuck into a beginner project from this list.

Concrete Craft

Have you ever considered crafting with concrete? Hold on a second before you scroll by! Although it’s an unusual material, there’s a lot you can do with concrete.

Concrete craft creative hobbies

(Image: Freddie Marriage)

Here are three reasons for trying concrete crafting:

  1. It’s low-cost.
  2. You don’t need a lot of expensive tools or supplies.
  3. You can make all sorts of useful items for around the house or garden.

From rustic vases and platters to candle holders and planters, there’s no end to what you can make. Check out this video for more inspiration:


Creative DIY hobbies for adults

You’re spending a lot of time at home right now. So why not spend some of it improving your surroundings?

You could use this time to become a DIY expert. It’s handy and practical, and you could even turn it into a side hustle if you enjoy it! 


Upcycling means taking an old, tired piece of furniture and giving it a new life. You could give that old pine dresser a fresh shabby chic look with a lick of paint. 

One of the reasons it’s so fun is that you get to re-imagine an item. The only limits are your creativity! 

You could sand down a coffee table and update it with a new color scheme. Adding stencils or decoupage can add a pop of color or make it fit with your room decor. 

Upcycling creative hobbies

(Image: Etienne Girardet)

Another easy project could be reupholstering a chair or cushion. You can pick any fabric and create a unique piece of furniture that will bring you joy! 

If you want to challenge yourself, you could turn pallets into a chair, bench, or planter. Short on ideas? Check out the fun projects in this video:


If you’re into DIY and upcycling, decoupage is another handy hobby to try out! The name comes from the French verb, ‘découper,’ which means to cut out. But there’s much more to it than that! 

Decoupage is decorating a surface by gluing pictures and paper onto it. You can add other embellishments too. It can look wonderful when done carefully! 

Creative hobbies for adults decoupage

(Image: Thomas Renaud)

Finish up with a layer of varnish to protect the surface, and you have a unique one-off item. 

Want to get started with decoupage? Watch this tutorial for beginners: 

Candle Making

Candle making is a relaxing and creative hobby you can do from home. Bonus? You’ll never have to buy candles from the store again! They make fantastic gifts for all occasions, too. 

Candle Making creative hobbies

(Image: Andreas Haslinger)

You can personalize candles with scents, colors, and decorative touches. Before you get started, you’ll need to stock up on a few supplies:

  • Wicks
  • Wax
  • A container (you can re-use glass jars)
  • A pot to heat your wax
  • Fragrances, essential oils, and colors (all optional)
  • A mold if you want to create pillar candles

If you enjoy making candles, you could even start your own Etsy store and sell them online! 

Wood burning

Wood burning is an ancient art used to etch designs into wood. But you can grab a set of all the tools and supplies and have a go for yourself! 

Wood burning creative hobbies

(Image: Dominik Scythe)

With a wood-burning pen, you can draw intricate or personalized designs. You could create a customized door sign, garden accessory, or cutting board.

Set of all the tools and supplies

Wood Burning Kit (Amazon)

It requires a lot of concentration and a steady hand. You’ll develop excellent hand-eye coordination while working on fun projects. 

This detailed guide contains everything you need to know about woodburning for beginners.

Textile Arts & Crafts

Creative textile arts and crafts hobbies for adults

If you want to reduce your screen time, why not try your hand at one of these textiles arts and crafts?

You can find hundreds of tutorials for all these crafty hobbies for adults. So grab some yarn, thread, and needle and get crafting!  

(Expert tip: Use your crafting time to listen to an audiobook or podcast and tick off two new hobbies at once!)


If you’ve always wanted to make your own clothes but never had the time, why not start now? Sewing is a fun hobby but also a valuable life skill! 

You can create custom-made clothes that fit you perfectly! Plus, you get all the fun of choosing the fabric for yourself. 

Sewing creative hobbies

(Image: Tata Toto)

Not ready to dive in the deep end? Check out these sewing projects for complete beginners. 

Even if you’re brand new to sewing, give one of these projects a go. It will feel so rewarding to see the finished result and know that you made it from scratch! 


Crochet is a great hobby that anyone can pick up. You don’t need any prior skills, and the only supplies necessary are a crochet hook and some yarn.

You’ll find tons of video tutorials to learn the basic stitches. Once you’ve mastered these first steps, you can start working on a simple project like a scarf. 

Corchet creative hobbies

(Image: Karen Penroz)

You’ll soon be creating all sorts of gorgeous crocheted accessories and blankets. It’s fast, too. You can whip up a woolly hat or baby booties in a couple of hours – so satisfying! 

The beauty of crochet is that it’s portable and low-cost. Plus, it inspires mindfulness and gives you time to think and destress.

Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is another relaxing yarn craft you could pick up! It’s a good choice if you want to cut down on your screen time and work on a creative project instead.

With careful stitches and different thread colors, you build up a beautiful design. Once complete, you can frame or hang the canvas to display your hard work! 

Cross stitch creative hobbies

(Image: Benjamin White)

The best place to start is with a beginner’s kit with all the supplies and detailed instructions. There are tons of options to choose from, so you’re sure to find one you love! 

Cross stitch kit creative hobbies

Joy Sunday Cross Stitch Kits (Amazon)

Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery is very similar to cross stitch but uses different techniques. It’s a calm yet creative hobby that encourages patience, focus, and concentration. And you get a beautiful memento when you finish a design. 

Hand embroidery creative hobbies

(Image: Ifrah Akhter)

The basic supplies you’ll need are fabric, an embroidery hoop, needle, and threads. I recommend buying a beginner kit with a pattern included so you can focus on your stitches.

Creative hobbies embroidery

Caydo 3 Sets Embroidery Starter Kit (Amazon)

Check out this tutorial to learn some beginner embroidery techniques: 

Digital Hobbies

Creative digital hobbies for adults

Working with paint or yarn isn’t for everyone. The good news is that there’s a vast range of creative digital hobbies ready for the 21st century. 

Why not sharpen up your skills or learn something new with these computer hobbies?

3D Printing

The 3D printer was first invented in the ‘80s, but it only became accessible in recent years. Now, 3D printers are much more affordable, so you could give this neat hobby a try. 

Buying a 3D printer involves some initial investment, but it’s a cool and unique hobby. You can create your own 3D models using Tinkercad and then print them. 

3D printing creative hobbies

(Image: Zmorph)

There’s a bit of a learning curve, but that just makes it more of a challenge. This hobby would also make for an awesome side hustle! 

Check my list of the best affordable 3d printers

Digital Painting

If you want to get creative but avoid all the mess, try digital painting. All you need is a tablet (check out my recommendations here and here). 

Then, you can download a painting app like Photoshop and start painting. There’s no limit to what you can create, with all sorts of digital tools and brushes at your fingertips. 

Digital painting creative hobbies

(Image: Sorin Gheorghita)

The best thing is that it’s portable and you can get arty wherever you are (without all the supplies). You can paint for your enjoyment, share your work online, or even sell art prints to earn some cash. 


If you’ve always been handy with a camera, why not dive deeper into photography in your spare time? It’s a fantastic way to capture memories and indulge your creative side.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on courses to improve your photography skills. With a few simple rules and a lot of practice, you’ll become an expert at snapping gorgeous shots. 

Photography creative hobbies

(Image: Jamie Street)

Photography is a great excuse to get outside and explore new destinations, urban or rural. But you’ll also start to notice moments of beauty in the every day, too. 


Animation creative hobbies

(Image: Wahid Khene)

If you fancy learning a creative, in-demand skill, why not try your hand at animation? Not only is it fun and rewarding, but it could even become a career! You can find out more about how to become an animator in my detailed guide!

Outdoor & Gardening Hobbies

Creative outdoor and gardening hobbies for adults

A lot of people have dipped their toes into gardening and keeping plants lately. It’s relaxing, mindful, and gets you out in the fresh air. 

Here are some ideas for outdoor and gardening hobbies, whether you have a garden or not.

Flower Arranging

A beautiful bouquet of flowers can brighten up any space. But taking the time to arrange the flowers carefully is enjoyable in itself. 

And there’s more to this art than first meets the eye. You can play around with flower varieties, color, foliage, and size to get the best effect. Check out these expert tips to make your arrangements look amazing! 

Flower arranging creative hobbies

(Image: Micheile Henderson)

No matter your age, gender, or anything else, flower arranging is relaxing. Plus, you can enjoy the flowers for days afterward.


If you’re short on garden space, a terrarium is an excellent alternative. These glass structures are self-sustaining environments that need very little care. So, they’re ideal if you’re not so green-fingered. 

A terrarium makes a beautiful feature for any room, balcony, or garden. All you need is a glass container, some soil or gravel, and some plants. You can add other decorative touches if you like, and a spray bottle comes in handy for keeping it moist. 

Terrariums creative hobbies

(Image: Nielsen Ramon)

For your plants to thrive, you should research the conditions they need. Find some suggestions for the best terrarium plants here. 

Flower Pressing

Flower pressing is a hobby that dates back to the Victorian era, but it’s making a comeback! It’s a great way to preserve flowers for sentimental reasons or to use as art supplies. 

There are a few ways to press flowers, from slow traditional methods to a microwave shortcut. You’ll need to know a bit of the science behind it and which flowers are best for pressing. Or you can experiment and see what works for you!

Flower pressing creative hobbies

(Image: Monica Dahiya)

Once you’ve pressed your flowers, you can use them in all sorts of crafts. They are perfect for making cards, canvases, wall art, and more. 

Watch this video for more inspiration and tips on flower pressing: 


Even if you don’t have an outside space, you can invite nature inside! A bonsai tree is one of the best ways. These miniature trees look just like regular trees but on a tiny scale. They are beautiful, purify the air, and add the finishing touch to your room.

But looking after a bonsai tree is a little complicated, so it’s a hobby in its own right. You’ll need to learn how to care for your tree, from potting to pruning and maintenance.

Bonsai creative hobbies

(Image: Mark Tegethoff)

If you decide to grow a bonsai tree from scratch, you’re looking at up to 5 years before you can start to shape it. Bonsai kits are available and contain everything you need to get started. But you can also buy mature bonsai trees if you want to jump straight in (or one of each!) 

Easy Bonsai starter kit creative hobbies

Grow Your own Bonsai kit (Amazon)

creative hobbies Bonsai

Brussel’s Live Golden Gate Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree (Amazon)


Topiary is the practice of shaping bushes into decorative forms by pruning them. It’s an active hobby that will get you outside and in touch with nature.

You’ll need a few tools, like shears, secateurs, and a pruning tool. If you already have a garden with some evergreen plants, you can get started with them. Otherwise, you get the fun of a trip to the garden center too. 

Topiary creative hobbies

(Image: Topiary JR Harris)

There’s a lot of potentials to dabble or dive into topiary, with big or small projects. This hobby will keep you busy, as it’s an ongoing process to take care of your plants. Plus, it’s super relaxing and rewarding! Find more tips on topiary for beginners here

The ultimate guide of creative hobbies for adults

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The Wrap Up

So there you have the ultimate guide to creative hobbies (arts and crafts) you can do at home! With this extensive list, you’re sure to find an idea (or a few) to keep you busy and productive. 

Hobbies provide a creative outlet. They stop us from passively consuming, and get those brain synapses firing. Take your pick and challenge yourself to try something new from this list. 

Then, let me know what you decide in the comments below. I’m curious to find out which hobbies people are excited to pick up! 

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