Understanding Printer Costs: A Comprehensive Guide

If you want to print in wide format, you have likely asked how much a printer costs or how much a color printer costs. Printers vary, and it will come as no surprise to you that the cost will vary depending on the type of printer. 

Regardless of the type of printing you need to do, whether general office printing or printing on clothing.

The average cost for a basic printer ranges between $400 and can reach over $1,000, but there are more specialized ones. These can go anywhere from $10,000 to $70,000, so as we can see, depending on your requirements, the printer cost varies greatly.

This article will look into the various aspects of the cost of a printer, and we will examine different types according to potential needs. We must examine the parts that come into play and see why some printers are far more expensive than others. 

And what we can do with the different types, but afterward, you will have a much clearer picture of how much is a printer.

Looking At Office Printers, What Are The Types? 

how much does a printer cost

There are no exact costs, as every printer will come in at a different price, but knowing what to keep in mind is key to purchasing within your budget. 

There are various printers, and knowing what you need will help you choose the right printer. There are also aspects of the printer that need consideration, so let us look at these.

Types Of Office Printers

how much does a printer cost

There are three primary types of printers that you are likely to find in any office or home space. Their prices can vary due to aspects and characteristics, which we will discuss. 

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All-In-One Printers

These more streamlined versions of printers can be laser or inkjet (which we will get to in a moment). These printers are multi-faceted and can perform many tasks. 

Such as printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. One great thing about these sorts of printers is that most models can automatic document feeding to scan documents.

There are many such printers, and their price usually sits between $2,500 and $15,000. This is, however, the pricing we would see for more heavy-duty printers in large offices. For home use, you should be able to find a smaller one for under $1,000.

Laser Printers

Laser printers are more expensive than inkjets. But, you will spend far less money on general running costs, especially toner replacement. So, in the long run, laser printers are more cost-effective. 

They melt the toner onto the page instead of spraying the paper with ink droplets.

These cartridges also do not dry out. And you will see better results from a laser printer than an inkjet printer. Not only that, but they also work faster. 

Also, they are renowned for holding longer lifespans and come with better warranties. This sort of printer is perfect for home or even office use.

In terms of cost, you are looking at $600 for a black and white printer, while the color will set you back $1,200.


Inkjet printers are more affordable upfront. But, ink cartridges may become a long-term expense, especially if you print a lot. Thus, these printers are only recommended for home use. 

They are not suitable for the office as they are not economically viable in the long run. You do not want to be using them at high volume, and they should not be used commercially.

When looking at how much you are sure to pay for these, a black and white printer will cost you about $400, and a color printer will sit at $800.

What Is The Cost Of A Wide Format Printer?

average printer cost

There are different sizes for wide format printers, ranging from 24 inches (60,96 centimeters) to 72 inches (188,88 centimeters). They also vary in either toner or inkjet. 

Other things include print quality, such as resolution, the number of ink colors, and droplet size.

The speed at which the printer creates your printout can also impact the cost. And external features that come along with the printer’s basic elements. 

You can also decide to buy a used or refurbished printer over a new one. This makes the price more affordable, but you may not be warranted.

At the end of it all, for a 24-inch printer, you are looking at spending roughly $2,000. And the price rise as you increase in print size from there. At the same time, a 72-inch printer can cost you as much as $60,000 and $65,000.

What Affects The Price Of Printers?

how much does a printer cost

There is an array of things that can affect the pricing of a printer, from the fact of whether it is ink or toner-based. The pages it can print per minute and the volume it can put out. 

Also, whether it is black and white or a color printer, what form of connectivity it offers. The brand name also has a part to play in the cost of the printer.

Do You Buy A Monochrome Or Color Printer? 

how much does a printer cost

Monochrome, or black and white, printers are a far cheaper choice out of the two. If you often print documents without color, it may be wiser to opt for. 

The price tag will also be far less than a color printer. This is because they only print black ink onto white paper. This is a viable and affordable option for homes and offices.

Color printers are a way to help save money if you tend to print a lot of color documents or images and are currently outsourcing that. The color printer produces a range of colors by layering different primary colors onto one another.

If you want a color printer, you may want to be cautious about purchasing an inkjet printer that uses a tri-color cartridge. This is due to if one color runs out, the whole cartridge needs to be replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

We may not have covered all your areas and questions, so below are a few more questions to which you may be itching to find the answer.

How Much Will A 3D Printer Cost?

For an entry-level or hobbyist printer, you can expect to pay between $300 and $500. Some cost even less than this, and others exceed the stipulated costs. Professional 3D printers cost a great deal more, and you are considering spending thousands of dollars.

What Type Of Printer Is Best For Heat Transfer Paper?

There is the option of using either laser or inkjet printers to print heat transfer paper. Yet, it must be noted that the inkjet wins over the laser printer in this department. Because there is a much more extensive selection of transfer papers to choose from. And these are compatible with various inkjets, and the final product usually tends to come out better.

Is It Worth Fixing A Printer?

This can be a tricky one at times and relates to printers and other appliances and equipment. If the amount to fix the machine is close to or even matches the initial cost of purchasing the device, then it is not worth the money. Instead, you should opt to upgrade to a new appliance. Also, it must be noted that printers tend to break repeatedly after their first repair.
This means that you may spend a small amount repairing it, but only to face the same problem shortly after. You will be stuck in the predicament where you must send it in for repairs many times and incur more significant expenditure than it is worth.

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how much does a color printer cost


You may be looking for a basic inkjet black and white printer for general use at home to print the odd document now and then. Or you may be a business owner who needs to print sizeable wide format prints for customers.

Or perhaps even be a budding enthusiast who would like to try their hand at 3D printing. There is something for everyone and prices to suit all budgets. 

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