How To Create The Perfect Portfolio To Show Your Creative Work

As a graphic designer and creative, your portfolio is the most useful tool. A portfolio book can help you attract new clients or find your dream job. So it’s worth putting some effort into getting it into the best shape. I will share with you my experience as a graphic designer to show you the best tools to create the perfect portfolio.

Depending on your purpose, there are two types of portfolios – Hardcover Portfolio Book, and Online Portfolio.

Hardcover Portfolio Book

The choice of how to make your printed portfolio depends on your time and budget.

The perfect portfolio book


If you opt for a DIY portfolio, Chriselsasser from Instructable did a good job with his mini-guide to make a DIY hardcover portfolio book. You will be able to create your portfolio yourself step by step.

The portfolio book

You can also find more useful advice in this video by Sea Lemon.

Some useful Portfolio Presentation Books on Amazon

Portfolio Printing – Professional Online Printers

Opting for a professional Online printer to print your portfolio book is the best strategy. But choosing an online printer is not an easy task. There are so many choices. With that in mind, here are three truly great online printers, who provide premium quality projects at affordable prices, within a reasonable pace of time.

1. Blurb

How to create a portfolio - Blurb

2. Moo

How to create a portfolio - Moo

Moo is a perfect place to create your graphic design portfolio as well as your business cards, flyers, and stickers .

3. PrestoPhoto

Portfolio - Presto Shop
Online portfolio

Online Portfolio

An online portfolio offers more flexibility. Creating your digital portfolio gives you the possibility to share and showcase your work easily. The online presence is more important than ever, and a digital portfolio will increase your visibility and presence.
However, tons of online websites claim to help create unique and professional online portfolios in the market, and you just don’t know which one of them would be the best choice. Here is a list of free and paid online sites to create your eye-catching portfolio.

1. Behance (Free)

Online free portfolio - behance

2. WordPress (Free)

Free online portfolio - WordPress

3. Dribbble (Free)

Feen online portfolio - Dribbble

4. Wix (Paid)

Free online portfolio - wix

Creating a professional portfolio about your graphic design and digital projects is a creative way to show your work. Online portfolios can be more innovative and flexible than printed portfolios because they allow you to share your work worldwide for a minimum cost.

Do you have an online portfolio? Share it with us below!

I’d love to hear what you think about this post in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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