Minimalist Design Movement Posters By Outmane Amahou

In the same spirit as the Minimalist Art Movement Poster series, I’ve created this new minimalist series about the major design movements of the 20th century.

1. Art Deco

2. Avant-Garde


3. Deconstructivism

4. Art & Craft


5. Art Nouveau


6. Constructivism


7. Hochschule Für Gestaltung


8. Jugendstil


9. Modern Movement


10. Radical Design

if you want to buy a poster, please visit my shop on Society6.

Posters by Outmane Amahou

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My name is Outmane Amahou, 2D / 3D graphic designer and artist.
I am an avid reader of nonfiction books. I have a deep appreciation for minimalism in design, art, and life. I'm always looking for effective and original ways to boost my creativity. I love To share ideas and resources.


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