Purple Passion: 66+ Shades for the Artist in You

  • Purple is an intense and mystical color that is impactful in art, design, interiors, and more
  • It comes in dozens of gorgeous shades you can combine to create an eye-catching color palette
  • Here are some purple color palettes to inspire you! 

Purple is a rich, gorgeous color that comes in many shades. It ranges from the lightest pale lavender to deep, rich purple tones. And you can create beautiful purple color palettes for artwork, design, and other uses.

So, here are some purple color palettes with their hex codes and names. Browse this article for inspiration, and feel free to use these color palettes any way you like. 

Let me know which of these color palettes is your favorite in the comment section at the bottom! 

Purple Color Palette: Inspiration & Ideas

Perfectly Purple

Hex Codes:

Medium Purple: #A669DB

Amethyst: #A473CE

Purple Heart: #8530D1

Pigment Indigo: #410179

As this color palette shows, purple comes in so many shades. If you love the color purple, this color scheme is eye-catching and vibrant. It contains five different shades of purple, each beautiful and bold. Which one is your favorite?

Berry Purple Tones

Hex Codes:

Thistle: #F3B0DC

Mystic Maroon: #AA4D84

Byzantine: #C83FA9

Midnight: #77176E

Imperial Purple: #47003C

Purples can range from fresh and light to rich and deep shades. And it can also be a cooler or warmer color, depending on its undertones. If you use more blue, you’ll get a cool purple. But amp up the red ratio, and you’ll create rich, warm purples like these. 

Berry tones are rich, warm, and delicious! This color palette contains every shade of berry, from raspberry to blackberry. It’s sure to make your mouth water and look amazing anywhere you use it.

Spring Greens & Purples

Hex Codes:

Gainsboro: #DCDDE1

Languid Lavender: #DBCDE6

Olive: #838500

Old Mauve: #662851

Pine Tree: #2E3B1F

As spring begins, buds burst into bloom, and new life flourishes. Purple and green are gorgeous colors that look even prettier when used together. This color palette combines the fresh tones of new spring growth. 

Sweet Pinks & Purples

Hex Codes:

Orchid: #DA70D6

Violet: #EE82EE

Mauve: #E080FF

Lavender: #E6E6FA

This one does the trick if you’re looking for a fresh, sweet color palette. With candy pink and purple shades, it’s bright, fun, and sure to add a pop of color to any space.

Cool Purple & Blues

Hex Codes: 

Lavender: #E7E4F9

Classic Rose: #EEC8ED

Blue: #2E2C9A

Pixie Powder: #3A2081

Cetacean Blue: #120348

This color palette uses shades from the cool side of the color wheel. Purples and blues look vivid and bold together, with a pale pink thrown in for contrast. This combination is striking and eye-catching, perfect for when you want to make an impact. 

Earthy Purple Color Palette

Hex Codes: 

African Violet: #A484C7

Cyber Grape: #61447E

Old Mauve: #326850

Dark Chocolate: #360F2A

Purple is a color found more often in nature than you might realize. You can get vivid purple flowers, but it appears elsewhere too. For example, tree bark, leaves, and even the soil can have a purple tone. This color scheme contains the many purple shades found in the natural world. Together, these colors are earthy, muted, and soothing.

Moody Sea Tones

Hex Codes:

Deep Purple: #5C2E7E

Deep Sea Blue: #4C6793

Light Teal: #8BBCCC

The color of the sea on a stormy day can range from deep blues to teals and purples. This color palette combines all these shades for an atmospheric look! And as all these colors are on the cool side of the color wheel, they look great together. 

Purple Sunset Vibes

Hex Codes:

Paua: #3F1651

Kingfisher Daisy: #653760

Medium Red Violet: #9C3587

Cerise: #E53F71

You might not think of the color purple when you consider a sunset. But as the sky darkens from blue to orange, it turns the deepest shades of purple. 

This color captures the beauty and wonder at every stage in a sunset. And as orange and purple are opposite colors, they stand out and look vivid when used together! So, this color palette is sure to capture the attention. 

Purple – or Blue?

Hex Codes: 

Perano: #B8C0F7

Selago: #E9EBFB

Moody Blue: #8089CF

Dull Lavender: #A2AAE9

Sometimes, colors are so close to each other that it’s hard to tell them apart. Purples and blues have a lot in common – as this color palette shows. So, where do you draw the line? Are these shades blue or purple, in your opinion? It’s up for debate – but they still deserve a spot on this list!

Bright Purple Color Palette

Hex Codes: 

Golden Poppy: #FFC606

Medium Orchid: #CF6DDE

Lavender: #F8D6FA

Maya Blue: #51D8FF

If you’re a lover of all things fun and bright, you’ll love this color palette. It contains vivid purples, yellows, and blues. It’s ideal if you want to brighten a space or grab attention. With its vibrant colors, you can’t overlook this color palette – it’s definitely not subtle!

Purple Gem Tones

Hex Codes:

Lilac: #CBAABB

Glossy Grape: #B193B7

Purple Taupe: #46404C

Dark Purple: #401D3E

Amethysts are one of the most beautiful gemstones out there. They dazzle with their shiny purple tones ranging from pale to deep shades. This color palette captures the beauty of natural amethyst for use in your art or design work. 

Neutral Purples

Hex Codes:

Linen: #FBEEE8

Pink Lace: #FAE4FO

Pink Lavender: #DFB4CF

Khaki: #CAAB8E

If you’re looking for a color palette to act as the perfect neutral backdrop, here it is. This color palette combines the palest purples with neutrals like cream and brown. It’s calm, soothing, and gentle on the eyes. While it’s not a show-stopper, these shades work beautifully together.

Midnight Purple Vibes

Hex Codes:

Cetacean Blue: #081448

Space Cadet: #282157

Dark Slate Blue: #4A478A

St Patrick’s Blue: #1A2C80

The sky at night is a sight – ranging from deep blues and purples to the darkest blacks. This color palette is inspired by the night sky. It makes you think of camping trips, late-night walks, and the quiet hours when no one’s awake. It manages to be beautiful, mysterious, and a little daring. 

Pretty Pastels

Hex Codes:

Purple Navy: #51588C

Sky Magenta: #C46FB2

Languid Lavender: #E1C2EB

Pastel shades are beautiful when you want a light, muted color palette. They are pretty and picturesque without being overly dominant. This color palette combines blues, pinks, and purples for a sweet and gentle aesthetic. 

Lavender Field Color Palette

Hex Codes: 

Silver Sand: #B7C2C6

Pale Lavender: #E5CCF4

Medium Purple: #A080E1

Liberty: #5C509C

Deep Koamaru: #382D72

Have you ever seen a lavender field in full bloom? They’ve become much-visited attractions due to their show-stopping beauty. It’s no wonder so many people visit to take photos of this beautiful sight. And this color palette captures its gorgeous shades, from lilac to deep purples.

Muted Purples

Hex Codes:

Dark Green: #092D29

Arsenic: #35364B

Granite Gray: #616D69

Pastel Purple: #B898B0

Sometimes, you don’t want a bold, vivid color. Instead, some situations call for a more toned-down aesthetic. And in that case, this muted purple color palette fits the bill. It combines subdued tones for a calm yet warm and soothing look. Whether you’re painting a landscape or an abstract, these colors look gorgeous on canvas. 

purple color palette with names,

The Wrap Up 

As you can see, many possibilities exist for different purple color palettes. You can find countless ways to combine shades of purple with other colors. Each palette has its own vibes and aesthetic, so there’s something for every situation. 

You can choose from cool, calm colors to deep, rich, moody tones. So, take your pick – and share your favorites below! 

Do you prefer an earthy purple color palette or something soothing and tranquil? A color palette with rich, saturated tones or light pastel colors? I’d love to know. 

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