Ignite Passion: Red Color Combos with Inspiring Names & Hex Codes

Red is one of the most popular colors, and for a good reason. It’s one of the three primary colors and is bold, bright, and beautiful. But the color red comes in many gorgeous shades. So you can have a lot of fun using red color palettes. Each one will look different, from earthy to bright to muted or minimalist. 

In this guide, I’ve put together a whole variety of red color palettes for you to browse. They can inspire your creative projects, both personal and professional. You can use these palettes for anything from painting to interior design or digital art. 

I’ve included the names of each shade and their hex codes to make them easy to reference. So, you can copy these color palettes for anything you like!  

10+ Red Color Palette With Names & Hex Codes

Here are some red color palettes with hex codes and color names. So, they’re easy to grab and use for your creative work! Each color palette has a unique aesthetic, with something for every occasion! 

Bright Red, Orange & Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes & Names:

Flame: #E14E2B

Princeton Orange: #FD8420

Queen Blue: #3F6E9C

Oxford Blue: #011354

This color palette is for those who love bright colors! Something special happens when you contrast bold reds and rich blues. Red is a warm color, while blue is one of the coolest colors, but they work together. They have a deep contrast and create an eye-catching, impactful look. 

Pastel Red Color Palette

Hex Codes & Names:

Candy Pink: #E97878

Light Salmon Pink: #FF9F9F

Peach-Yellow: #FCDDB0

Cornsilk: #FFFAD7

This color palette has a soft, pastel feel. It combines soft red shades with lighter oranges and yellows to create a warm color scheme. The result is an inviting and cozy look that will brighten any room. But it’s soft enough to be gentle on the eyes. Red can sometimes look a little garish, but this color palette proves that it doesn’t have to be! 

Rich Red & Jewel Tones

Hex Codes & Names:

Ocean Green: #53BF9D

Infra Red: #F94C66

Red-Violet: #BD4291

Maize: #FFC54D

Red is a bright color, but that doesn’t mean you need to pair it with neutral shades. It can look just as fabulous with other rich jewel tones. So, this color palette does just that! With bright purple, red, green, and yellows, it’s bold and sure to catch your eye. You can make a lot of impact with this exciting color combination! 

Berry Reds & Purples 

Hex Codes & Names:

Jazzberry Jam: #9A1764

Spanish Crimson: #E0154D

Sunset Orange: #FF5959

Pale Magenta-Pink: #FF97C1

This color palette features beautiful berry tones from rich red to deep purple. It brings to mind blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries of every shade. These autumnal tones are perfect for creating a warm and cozy look. 

Spring Greens & Reds

Hex Codes & Names: 

Tulip: #FF8787

Melon: #F8C4B4

Pale Goldenrod: #E5EBB2

Granny Smith Apple: #BCE29E

Spring brings new life, with shoots popping up from the ground and new buds blooming. And this color palette channels all those springtime vibes with these fresh colors! Red and green are complementary colors on the color wheel. So, even though these colors don’t have many similarities, they work well together.

Minimalist Red & Gray Color Palette

Hex Codes & Names: 

Timberwolf: #D8D9CF

Bright Gray: #EDEDED

Tulip: #FF8787

Light Carmine Pink: #E26969

Gray is an excellent color to pair with red. By pairing red with a neutral shade like gray, you allow it to really shine. It stands out and looks even brighter. But the cool gray tones also help to balance it out, so it doesn’t become too overpowering.  

Sunset Red Color Palette

Hex Codes & Names: 

Sandy Brown: #EEAF61

Atomic Tangerine: #FB9062

Light Carmine Pink: #EE5D6C

Pink (Pantone): #CE4993

Metallic Violet: #6A0D83

There’s nothing more moving or beautiful than watching a sunset. And this color palette recreates that look! With its fiery reds, oranges, yellows, and purples, it’s exquisite. These colors look incredible when used in combination. They contrast and complement each other for a vibrant color scheme. 

Red & Black Color Palette

Hex Codes & Names: 

Black: #010101

Bright Gray: #EEEEEE

Venetian Red: #CF0B0B

Red and black are both bold, intense colors. But they look great together, creating a vibrant and impactful color palette. The bright red stands out against pure black for a modern yet timeless look. This color scheme also had a pale gray to balance out these two darker shades. It provides some white space and ensures it’s not too harsh on the eyes! 

Earthy Red Color Palette

Hex Codes & Names: 

Pastel Red: #F96767

Rose Ebony: #684848

Moss Green: #829461

Bright Gray: #EEEEEE

Red is often found in the natural world, from flowers to berries, mushrooms, and more. So, this color palette takes its inspiration from Mother Nature. It combines earthy browns, greens, and reds for a muted yet warm color palette. 

Colorful Red + Bright Color Palette

Hex Codes & Names: 

Red (RYB): #FF1F1F

Yellow: #FFFF01

Maximum Blue Green: #32C6D4

Sea Green: #01FFD1

If you’re looking for a bright color palette, this one is exactly what you need. It combines fun, bold colors that will grab the eye. With bright green, blue, yellow, and red shades, you won’t miss this color scheme. It’s buzzing with energy and will spice up any space. 

Warm Red Color Palette

Hex Codes & Names: 

Rosewood: #630606

Red Devil: #890F0D

Vermilion: #E83A14

Sandstorm: #D9CE3F

Red doesn’t have to be bold and bright to make an impact. These more muted shades of red are inviting and attractive in their own way. I’ve created a warm, earthy palette by adding a deep orange and mustard yellow. Each color is saturated yet slightly muted, each one soft and welcoming. So, they look lovely when used together.

Bold Primary Colors 

Hex Codes & Names: 

Pastel Red: #FF6C6C

Gargoyle Gas: #FFD93E

Iguana Green: #6CCB77

Blueberry: #4E96FF

This color palette channels bold vibes with its rich primary colors of red, yellow, and blue. (With green thrown in for good measure). These colors stand out against each other and are full of energy and liveliness. You’ll love this fun color palette if you’re into bright colors. 

Red and Teal Color Palette

Hex Codes & Names: 

Moonstone Blue: #66BFBF

Anti-Flash White: #EAF6F6

White: #FFFFFF

Vivid Raspberry: #FF0063

Red and teal are almost opposite colors, found far apart on the color wheel. But these colors are so different that they contrast strongly with each other. So, each color stands out even brighter and more intensely than when used alone. This color palette combines a rich red and teal with a pure white and a soft, pastel green shade. So, it has a balance between bold brights and neutral tones. It’s beautiful and bright, soothing yet energetic.

Muted Red Color Palette

Hex Codes & Names: 

Electric Brown: #BB6464

Tan: #CDB699

Columbia Blue: #C3DBD9

Water: #C8F2EF

This color palette is interesting as it combines muted tones for a softer, toned-down look. But it also plays a warm red against cooler blues. The neutral brown tone balances these colors and makes it work! You might not think of combining these colors, but they look wonderful together.

red color palette

The Wrap Up 

No matter what kind of red color palette you’re after, it’s sure to be on this list. There’s something for everyone, from muted reds to bright color schemes.

As you can see, there’s so much you can do with red. This color comes in hundreds of shades, from light to dark, muted to bright. 

And then, you can create a whole array of looks, depending on what you pair it with. For example, bright primary colors vs. earthy, natural tones.

Let me know which of these red color palettes is your favorite in the comments below! 

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Outmane is the founder of Proactive Creative. He is an artist/designer.

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