Vibrant Explorations: Every Shade of Orange Unveiled

Orange is a vibrant, bright color that’s full of energy. It’s also one of the most common colors and comes in a rainbow of shades. So, I’ve put together this guide to the different shades of orange, their names, and hex codes. 

You can use this guide to find the perfect shade of orange for your artwork. It’s also helpful for interior design inspiration or if you simply love the color orange. 

Read on to discover the wide variety of orange shades. 

The Color Orange

different shades of orange color names

According to the color wheel, orange is a secondary color. You can make it simple by mixing red and yellow equal parts. I’ve found that it’s one of the easiest colors to mix and use it often in my artwork.

But in reality, there are hundreds of shades of orange. They vary from pale shades like apricot to rich, fiery hues. You’ll find muted orange, dark orange, and vibrant bright shades of orange. 

This color often represents energy, playfulness, and fun. But it also has a darker side. Orange is sometimes a warning – on road signs and in nature. 

We also associate orange with fire, the sun, and sunsets. The color orange is also found abundantly in nature!

It can be romantic and inspiring, fresh and motivational, or dark and dangerous. You can create various atmospheres and moods depending on how you use the color orange.

So, let’s take a closer look at the diverse shades of orange color. 

Different Shades of Orange Color & Their Names

Below, you’ll find a long list of the different shades of orange color. I’ve also included their hex, RGB, and CYMK codes. So, once you find the perfect shade, it’s easy to use it in your artwork or digital creations. 

Dark Orange

dark orange

Hex Code: #FF8C00

Despite the name, dark orange is quite a bright, vivid shade. It’s perfect if you want an orange color that will grab your attention. 


tangelo orange

Hex Code: #FC4C02

This color takes inspiration from the tangerine fruit. It’s a rich orange shade with red undertones, but it’s still bright and highly saturated. So, this color makes a real impact!


orange red

Hex Code: #FF4500

As the name suggests, this shade of orange has strong red undertones. It’s a tertiary color made by mixing equal parts orange and red. So, you’ll find it between orange and red on the color wheel. 

Spanish Orange

spanish orange

Hex Code: #F06105

This color is a rich, fresh orange shade that’s bright and full of energy. It’s unsure exactly where it gets its name, but it could be after the juicy oranges that grow in Spain! 

International Orange

international orange

Hex Code: #FF4F00

This bright orange color has an interesting name. It’s used across the aerospace industry as this color is vibrant and stands out, so it’s easy to spot. Space suits used by NASA are made using this vivid orange shade.

Royal Orange

royal orange

Hex Code:#FF9944

This is a lighter shade of orange but still with plenty of vivacity. It’s bright, fresh, and feels playful. 


gamboge orange

Hex Code: #E89611

This unusual shade of orange takes its name from a type of tree located in Asia. This tree produces a light orange-colored latex of the same name. It’s also the same yellowy-orange color used for Buddhist monks’ robes. 

Cadmium Orange

cadium orange

Hex Code: #E6812F

You may have heard of Cadmium orange as it’s one of the most popular shades of orange among painters. This color is a bright, warm orange, made using selenide and sulfide pigments.


vermillion orange

Hex Code: #D74826

Vermilion is a vivid shade of orange, leaning towards red on the color wheel. It’s a rich pigment made from mercury sulfide that was often used as paint in the past. It can look more red or orange, depending on the exact shade.

Carrot Orange

carrot orange

Hex Code: #ED9121

Another classic shade of orange, this color feels earthy and natural. It’s not the brightest shade, but it couldn’t be described as light or dark either. Carrot orange is a great color to use in your artwork. 


coral orange

Hex Code: #FF7F50

Coral is a fun, bright, joyful shade. It’s often thought of as having a pink undertone and feels quite feminine. It’s a popular color for fashion and interior design and is very eye-catching.


pumpkin orange

Hex Code: #F5761A

The pumpkin is an iconic orange vegetable, so it’s no surprise there’s a shade of orange named after it. This color has all the richness and brightness of a fresh, plump pumpkin and strong autumn vibes.

Burnt Umber

burnt umber

Hex Code: #8A3324

Some consider burnt umber a shade of brown and not orange at all. But it still deserved a place on this list! It’s a rich, deep, darker shade that feels earthy and natural. 

Pastel Orange

pastel orange

Hex Code: #FAC898

One of the lighter shades, pastel orange is a desaturated color. So, it’s not as vibrant and feels calm and gentle. It’s perfect if you need a pale orange shade.

Vivid Orange

vivid orange

Hex Code: #FF5E0E

If you’re looking for a bold shade of orange, vivid orange won’t disappoint. This eye-catching shade is bold and fully saturated, making a statement. It feels rich, spicy, and fresh. 


terracotta orange

Hex Code: #E2725B

Terracotta is a rich, warm, and earthy shade of red. This color is similar to burnt orange and has red undertones. It looks wonderful when used for natural scenes and contrasts strongly with blue. 


persimmon orange

Hex Code: #EC5800

Persimmon is a fruit grown across Asia and other regions. It’s a delicious edible fruit with a bright, shiny orange skin. And this shade of orange replicates its bold, vibrant color. 

Peach Orange

peach orange

Hex Code: #FFCC99

If you’re looking for a light orange shade, go for peach orange. It’s pale, gentle, and soft, between a warm yellow and orange color.  

Burnt Sienna

burnt sienna orange

Hex Code: #E97451

Burnt sienna is a warm orange shade with brown and pink undertones. The natural pigment it’s named after is made by heating raw sienna. This process makes it rich and redder in tone.

The Wrap Up

By now, you’re an expert on the color orange and its myriad colors

Orange is a vibrant, fresh color that will brighten up your artwork. You can use it to great effect in traditional or digital art forms. 

And thanks to this list, you should find it easy to pinpoint the exact orange shade you need. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can refer to it any time you need a quick refresher! 

Let me know your favorite shade of orange in the comments below!

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Outmane is the founder of Proactive Creative. He is an artist/designer.

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