Creative Sparks: 60+ Drawing Ideas to Banish Boredom

Although we all live such busy lives, there are still times when boredom strikes. Then, one of the best things you can do is grab a pencil and start drawing. It’s one of the best ways to release your creativity and entertain yourself while growing your skills. 

But knowing what to draw isn’t always easy, especially when you’re suffering from boredom. So, here’s a list of easy things to draw when you’re bored. 

These ideas are simple but fun for beginner artists. But you can also enjoy drawing them even if you’re an experienced artist

Browse through and pick one of these prompts. Soon, you’ll be creating tons of cool drawings. You’ll feel productive and have a lot of fun in your free time while defeating boredom. 

60 Fun Things to Draw – Creative Drawing Ideas for Beginners (or Pros)

Here are some fun, cute, and easy drawings for you to try! There’s something for everyone, so scroll through until you find an idea you like. 

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1. Cartoon Characters

Things to draw when bored (Cartoon Characters)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

We’ve all watched cartoons as kids (and maybe as adults, too). So, pick your favorite character and sketch them. You could draw them in a realistic or cute, cartoony way. There are so many possibilities for what you could create. 

2. Athlete

things to draw when bored (Athlete)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Drawing people isn’t easy, but a challenge can do us good. Draw an athlete in motion or stationary. You could decide on any kind of athlete, from a cyclist to a swimmer or runner.

3. Mandala Drawing

things to draw when bored (Mandala)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

A mandala is a geometric symbol with spiritual meaning. They originate from Buddhist and Hindu traditions and encourage mindfulness. So, a mandala is one of the best things to draw when you’re feeling bored or stressed. You can have a go at drawing a mandala freehand or follow a pattern – whatever you prefer.

4. Headphones Easy Drawing

things to draw when bored (Headphones)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

We all like to listen to music. So, have a go at sketching your headphones. You can use it for reference and draw a realistic drawing.

5. Skyline

Things to draw when bored (Skyline)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

There’s something about skylines that make for very impactful artwork. A skyline could be as simple or detailed as you like. So, pick up a pen and have a go! 

6. City at Night

Drawing ideas for beginners( City at Night)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Cities are buzzing places, and they come alive at night. You could draw the bright lights of the city or go for a silhouette effect.

7. Dancer

Things to draw when bored (Dancer)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Dancers are elegant, beautiful creatures. Try to capture their motion and style with your pencil marks! 

8. A Puppy

Funny things to draw, a puppy

There’s nothing as cute as a puppy. So, you’ll love drawing an adorable bundle of joy! 

9. A Wildflower Field

Things to draw when bored (A Wildflower Field)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Nature can provide so much inspiration for your drawings. There’s something freeing about a wildflower field where the flowers are left to grow as they wish. It’s also a challenge to draw as you attempt to capture all the different textures!

10. Anime Figures

Anime is an iconic style of drawing, so why not mix it up and have a go at something different! 

11. A Cozy Cat

Things to draw when bored (A Cozy Cat)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Cats are curious, cozy, and great companions. You could draw a cute cartoon cat or make it as realistic as you like. Why not draw a cat curled up snoozing or stretching after a nap?

12. Robot

Things to draw when bored (Robot)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Pick up your pen and have a go at drawing a robot. They are very simple with clean lines, so it’s a nice thing for beginners to draw.

13. Dragon

How to draw a dragon

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

If you’re into mythology and magic, you’ll know that dragons are fierce and awesome. But they aren’t all scary or threatening. You could draw a dangerous fire-breathing beast or a friendly cartoon dragon – it’s up to you! 

 14. An Eye Closeup

Things to draw when bored (An Eye Closeup)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Learning how to draw people is an essential step for every beginner artist. One of the best ways to do this is by breaking it down and focusing on one area close up. So, this prompt is to sketch an eye in as much detail as possible. 

15. Historical Figures

Things to draw when bored (Historical Figures)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Think of a significant figure from the past and have a go at drawing them! You could find a photo to copy (if cameras were invented in their lifetime) or just use your imagination!

16. A Lighthouse

Things to draw when bored (A Lighthouse)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Lighthouses are (literally) a beacon of safety for ships. They also look impressive, standing out over cliffs and crashing waves. Plenty of inspiration for a beginner or experienced artist.

17. A Still Life

Things to draw when bored (A Still Life)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

A Still Life

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Learn from the masters and try your hand at drawing still life. You can use everyday items around the house and set them up. Then, you can draw them as closely as possible to practice your proportions, shading, and more. 

18. The Sea

Things to draw when bored (The Sea)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

The sea can look completely different depending on the time of day and the conditions. You could draw a calm sea with people bathing or a stormy scene with huge waves. Capturing the colors and movement of the water is tricky, but it’s well worth it! 

19. A Spaceship

Things to draw when bored (A Spaceship)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Ground control, we have to lift off! Spaceships inspire awe and curiosity as they can travel where humans otherwise would never go. So today, draw an iconic spaceship or sketch something unique from your imagination. 

20. The Human Body 

Things to draw when bored (The Human Body )

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

The human body isn’t easy to draw, but it’s something every artist needs to master. So, you should get plenty of practice drawing people in different positions. You could sketch a family member, use a photograph, or buy an art mannequin. It’s a helpful tool for artists to visualize how the body looks sitting, standing, etc. 

21. Leaves

Things to draw when bored (Leaves)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Take a close look at a leaf. There’s so much more to it than you’d think at a glance. So, nip outside, grab a leaf, and draw it while focusing on its details.

22. A Pond

Things to draw when bored (A Pond)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Take inspiration from Monet, who drew his famous lily pond more than 250 times. He painted it at different times of day to capture how the pond changed depending on the lighting. That shows how much you can learn from revisiting one simple topic or prompt. It’s a great way to improve your skills and master drawing! 

23. A Fall Day

Things to draw when bored (A Fall Day)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

The colors of fall are spectacular! Capture them in a drawing using vibrant colored pencils (or you could even give watercolors a try). Even if you do a monochrome design, it’s fun to draw the leaves falling from the trees or in piles on the ground.

24. A Winter Scene

Things to draw when bored (A Winter Scene)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

No matter what time of year it is, you can have fun sketching a wintery scene. It could be a simple landscape scene, a cozy indoor setting, or children playing in the snow. Winter offers endless potential for picture-postcard drawings! 

25. A Waterfall

Things to draw when bored (A W)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Waterfalls are another amazing natural phenomenon. They are also surprisingly simple to draw but look great on the page. Give it a go! 

26. A Wedding Dress

Things to draw when bored (A Wedding Dress)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

A wedding dress is one of the most important items of clothing a woman can wear. They look beautiful and elegant, making for gorgeous drawings.

27. A Historical Building

Things to draw when bored (A Historical Building)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Choose a historic building and have a go at sketching it. It could be a building you’re familiar with or one in a far-flung place. You could even create a series of famous historical buildings around the world. It’s a great way to test and improve your skills. 

28. A Landscape

Things to draw when bored (A Landscape)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

This one has a lot of room for flexibility. All you need to do is draw a landscape of some sort. It could be rolling hills, fields, or whatever springs to mind. 

29. A Clock

Things to draw when bored (A Clock)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Clocks are vital as they help us mark time. But clocks also have a lot of symbolism (as Salvador Dali captured). Draw your own clock picture – as realistic or abstract as you like.

 30. Flowers in a Vase

Things to draw when bored (Flowers in a Vase)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Flowers brighten up the place, and they’ll do just the same even in a drawing! 

31. A Bridge Easy Drawing

Things to draw when bored (A Bridge)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Bridges are works of engineering mastery. Pick an iconic bridge like the Golden Gate or go for something a little closer to home. Then, pick up your pencil and recreate it on paper.

32. A Character from Your Favorite Book

A Character from Your Favorite Book

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Think of your favorite book. Who is the character that most stands out? It’s fun to draw imaginary characters, especially if they have a lot of meaning for you. 

33. A Movie Scene

If you’re looking for inspiration, why not recreate a famous scene from a movie? You won’t need to come up with the setting. You could even find a still of the movie and copy it if you need more guidance.

34. Sunset

Things to draw when bored (Sunset)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

There’s nothing more beautiful than a sunset. So try to capture the gorgeous, fiery colors as the sun goes down.

35. A Mythical Creature

You can use your imagination and let your creativity go wild with this one. It could be a unicorn, mermaid, sea serpent, or troll. The possibilities are endless!

36. Calligraphy 

Calligraphy is another beautiful art form. So, pick up your brush pen and practice your lettering skills! 

37. Repeating Patterns

Drawing repeating patterns is an excellent mindfulness practice. You don’t need to think too hard about what you’re drawing. But you can also experiment with colors, shapes, and patterns to see what looks good!

38. Hands

Things to draw when bored (Hands)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

We use our hands for so many things, but we often overlook how important they are. But hands can also tell a lot about a person. Are they wrinkled, tough, sore, or soft and pampered? Do an up-close sketch of hands. It may take a few times to get it right, but you’ll see huge improvements with each sketch.

39. Roses

Creative thigs to draw when you're bored, roses

Roses are red, violets are blue… Roses are a symbol of love, appearing in many drawings. So, why not attempt your own roses sketch? You could draw an individual rose or a whole bunch – it’s your choice! 

40. Under the Sea Scene

Things to draw when bored (Under the Sea Scene)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

There’s a whole other world under the sea, with thousands of species. Draw an underwater scene to showcase some of them! 

41. A Lamp 

Things to draw when bored (A Lamp)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

When you draw a lamp, you need to think carefully about the lighting. Where does it come from, and how far does the light reach? Where do the shadows fall? So, a lamp is a fantastic thing for beginner artists to draw! It will teach you to become more aware of the lighting in any drawing you do. 

42. The Desert

Things to draw when bored (The Desert)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

We often think of the desert as dry sand for miles around. But it can still be an interesting and easy thing to draw. 

43. Baby Goats 

Things to draw when bored (Baby Goats)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Is there anything cuter than a baby goat? They are quirky, cute, and inquisitive. They will literally climb on anything! (If you’re not a fan of goats, choose a different baby animal to draw instead). 

44. A Campfire

Things to draw when bored (A Campfire)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Think of cozy evenings around a campfire. It’s a place to tell stories, sing, and eat good food. But it’s also simple and easy to draw – have a go right now!

45. Our Solar System

Things to draw when bored (Our Solar System)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

The planets of our solar system are so diverse and enthralling. But they’re not difficult to draw. You just need to master the geometric shapes, and you can have fun coloring on each planet! 

46. Books

What to draw when bored (Books)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Every book is a window into a new world. You could draw one individual book, a whole pile, or a bookshelf full of titles.

47. A Woodland Scene

What to draw when bored (A Woodland Scene)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

A woodland scene can be earthy, wholesome, and even a little bit magical. You could draw some cute woodland creatures or even a fairy gathering in the woods. Or stick to a more realistic drawing and capture the light through the trees.

48. Fairies

Things to draw when bored (Fairies)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Fairies appear in cultures and folk tales across the world. So, have a go at drawing your own picture of a fairy! 

49. An Ice Cream

Things to draw when bored (An Ice Cream)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry – how many scoops will you draw? Then, add a few sprinkles as a finishing touch. 

50. A Butterfly

Things to draw when bored (A Butterfly)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Butterflies are vibrant and bright but also so delicate. Can you capture the elegance and fragility of a butterfly on the page? You can make it as simple or detailed as you like!

51. Clouds

Things to draw when bored (Clouds)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Clouds in the sky can be playful (like cotton candy) or dark and brooding. What will your drawing of clouds look like?

52. Facial Expressions 

Things to draw when bored (Facial Expressions)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

It’s not easy to draw facial expressions accurately. It takes time and practice. So, pick a facial expression and have a go at drawing it on the page. Don’t get disheartened if your first attempt doesn’t come out just right, though!

53. An Open Door

Things to draw when bored (An Open Door)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Where will the door lead? An open door could be a simple but thought-provoking drawing.

54. A Snow Globe

Things to draw when bored (A Snow Globe)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

A snow globe is a perfect little world captured within the glass. Draw a snow globe with the little snowflakes drifting down. 

55. A Castle

Things to draw when bored (A Castle)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

A castle is one of the most magnificent buildings you could draw. So, if you want to draw something impressive, have a go at a castle!

56. The Beach

Things to draw when bored ( The Beach)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

The beach has many happy memories of vacations and sunny childhood days for most of us. Draw a beach scene – bucket and spade optional! 

57. A House

Things to draw when bored (A House)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

A house is a simple thing to draw, but every house has its own character. Will you draw your own house or come up with one from your imagination? Whatever you decide, have fun with it!

58. A Tree

Things to draw when bored (A Tree)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Trees are beautiful – so bring some nature into your home by sketching a tree. There are so many types to choose from. You could even draw the same tree through different seasons if you want a challenge! 

59. Dandelions

Things to draw when bored ( Dandelions)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Dandelions are simple but symbolic of transformation and the passing of time. Can you have a go at drawing a dandelion clock with the seeds floating away?

60. An Octopus

Things to draw when bored (An Octopus)

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

Last but not least, why not draw an octopus. Octopuses are intelligent, sophisticated creatures, and they look cool too! Your octopus could be fun and cartoony or lifelike – you can draw it in your own style.

The Wrap Up

There you have 60 easy things to draw when you’re stuck for ideas. So, you’ll never have to think, “I’m bored – what should I draw?” again. 

Scroll through these cool pictures to draw and pick one that jumps out at you. Then, put pen (or pencil) to paper and see what you can create. 

Drawing regularly is one of the best ways to learn how to draw and improve your skills quickly. Feel free to share your cool drawings in the comments below – I’d love to see them! 

(If you’re still not sure what to draw, you can find even more drawing ideas here!

Make sure to follow me on Pinterest and social media. That way, you’ll stay up to date on all the latest resources for creative people. 


Outmane is the founder of Proactive Creative. He is an artist/designer.

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