Ultimate Guide to The Best Gifts for Minimalists

Gifts for minimalists

Choosing gifts for our loved ones is never easy. But when you’re shopping for a minimalist, it’s even harder! It can feel impossible to know what to buy someone who doesn’t like clutter. You want to buy them something special to show you care. But you respect that they don’t want more ‘things’ around the house. So what can you do?

Don’t worry – I know how you feel! I am also quite the minimalist myself. So, I have a few great ideas about practical things you can buy for the minimalist in your life. These gift ideas won’t sit on a shelf, gathering dust. Instead, they are practical, useful, and clutter-free. 

So, forget the slippers, socks, and unwanted ornaments. Here’s my list of the best minimalist gift ideas! Grab one of these – it’s sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face!

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Ultimate guide to the best gifts for minimalists

The Best Gifts for Minimalists: My Picks!

These are the best gifts for minimalists that they will actually appreciate! Whether you’re looking for a friend, parent, or sibling, there’s something here for everyone. You’ll even find some suggestions on the best gifts for artsy girlfriend. Let’s get started!

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook


Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook - Best gifts for minimalists

There’s nothing like writing your ideas down with a pen and paper. But it can be frustrating to have tons of notebooks scattered around your house. That’s why minimalists will love the Rocketbook! 

It’s a notebook like no other. The beauty of the Rocketbook is that you can write down your notes, ideas, and designs. Then, you can scan them using the Rocketbook app on your smartphone. It takes seconds to upload your files to your preferred cloud storage. Then, they are safe and secure forever – with no clutter at all! You can refer to them at any time.

That’s what makes this smart notebook such a great present for minimalists. It’s practical, eco-friendly, and reusable. It comes with a Pilot Frixion pen and microfiber cloth to wipe the pages clean when you’ve finished.




Skillshare Classes & Courses

Online courses make excellent gifts for any minimalist. You can buy a subscription to Skillshare for your loved one and open up all sorts of opportunities for them! Skillshare is an online academy containing hundreds of different classes and courses. You’ll find a wide range of topics. There’s everything from graphic design to music, marketing, illustration, and productivity. 

All you need to access the classes is an Internet connection and a laptop or smartphone. This makes it ideal for anyone who’s cutting back on material things. They still want to invest in learning new skills or developing their hobbies. But without the clutter! 

Through Skillshare, they could invest in their career or find a fun new pastime. With access to all the courses, the choice is theirs! They could take one class or ten, and fit it into their life in a way that works best for them.

Sign up for a Free Membership to take all these classes, or try Premium Membership and you’ll get FREE access to thousands of classes for two months! Or Share 2 free months of Premium with your friends, and earn a free month for each friend once they complete their first full payment.



Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite - Best gifts for minimalists

If you have a friend who is a bookworm AND a minimalist, then the struggle is real. It’s hard to know what to do when you love reading, but you don’t want more clutter at home. That’s what makes a Kindle Paperwhite an incredible gift for any minimalist. On this small device, you can hold hundreds of e-books at one time. And there’s unlimited room in the Cloud for many, many more. 

The Kindle Paperwhite is lightweight, anti-glare, and feels nice in your hands. Plus, the latest edition is waterproof for extra peace of mind. You can even indulge in a bath while reading your favorite novel! This clever e-reader will soon win people over. Another bonus is that e-books often cost less than hardback or paperback editions!

When you’re not sure what to buy your bookworm friend, a Kindle Paperwhite is a good bet. And if they already have one, you can give them a Kindle gift card instead. That way, they can pick out a pretty case. Or, they can stock up on a few new e-books for some cozy bibliotherapy!


Audible subscription

Not everyone has time to read regularly, even if they’d like to. And if you’re trying to avoid buying books, it can be a real dilemma. That’s why an Audible subscription is a perfect gift for any minimalist! 

With an Audible subscription, you get one credit per month. With this credit, you can choose any audiobook to listen to from the Audible database. You can take your pick from fantasy, fiction, memoirs, and more. There are hundreds of inspiring non-fiction books that you can listen to, as well. And once you’ve bought an audiobook, you can listen to it again and again. With many books lasting at least 10 hours, this is the gift that keeps giving. 

Minimalists will love this gift because it means no clutter on their shelves! But it also offers great freedom and flexibility. It’s a way to keep learning and developing yourself. You don’t have to be a bookworm to enjoy an Audible subscription. 

You can choose the length of the subscription you would like to gift. Options range from 1 month to 3 months or even a full year of audiobooks! 



Aluminum Minimalist Wallet

Aluminum Minimalist Wallets - Best gifts for minimalists

Every minimalist needs a reliable, functional wallet. An aluminum wallet is simple yet practical with a clean aesthetic. For anyone who’s cut back on the clutter, their wallet should reflect this lifestyle, too. 

You don’t need a wallet bursting with credit cards, loyalty cards, coins, and receipts. With everyone using card payments these days, there’s no need to be weighed down by cash. It’s much simpler only to carry the credit or debit card you use.

That’s why an aluminum wallet is a perfect gift for a minimalist friend or relative. It’s slim, stylish, and useful. The aluminum material prevents card skimming while looking cool! Plus, it’s compact and easy to slide into any pocket.



Minimalist Art & Design Movement Posters


Minimalist Art & Design Movement Poster - Best gifts for minimalists

A minimalist poster is a perfect decoration for any simple, minimalist house. The minimalist is committed to a simple life. So, they’ll likely want the art on their walls to reflect this aesthetic, too.

If you’re stuck for what to buy a minimalist friend or family member, you won’t go wrong with a minimalist poster. These striking yet simple posters represent different art and design movements. By using key features of each movement, they are instantly recognizable. 

You could buy one, or you could get the whole set! With bold colors and eye-catching designs, they are sure to brighten up a room. A thoughtful gift for any arty, creative person!



Minimalist backpack

Minimalist backpack - Best gifts for minimalists

Minimalism isn’t only about the aesthetics – it’s also about function. Instead of ten different bags to choose from, the minimalist wants one really great bag. This minimalist backpack is the perfect choice. It’s effortlessly stylish and simple, yet useful.

The features have been carefully thought through for optimal practicality. It’s expandable, so you can use it for your daily commute or a weekend away. A multi-use item is a winner when minimalism is concerned. Why buy two bags when one can do the job?!

There are several different pockets and compartments to keep all your items organized. Plus, there’s a durable laptop pocket to protect your device. Made from a durable, waterproof fabric, this bag is designed to last. Plus, ergonomic padded straps and back cushion make it comfortable for all-day wear. 

To sum up, this minimalist backpack ticks all the boxes! It’s versatile, hardwearing, and practical. These factors make it a fantastic gift for the minimalist in your life!



The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own


The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own - - Best gifts for minimalists

If you’re buying a gift for someone just embarking on their minimalist lifestyle, this book is a must-read. The author, Joshua Becker, shares his journey to minimalism. You’ll discover how it transformed his life. He relates how becoming a minimalist didn’t just lead to a tidy house. Instead, it meant greater freedom, joy, and fulfillment in life!

This inspirational book is a powerful and motivating read. It will convince anyone of the benefits of minimalism. Plus, Becker shares a simple, practical approach to decluttering your house and life. If you know someone who wants to embrace minimalism but doesn’t know how, buy them this book! They will be forever grateful! 



Mens Watches Ultra-Thin Minimalist Waterproof


Mens Watches Ultra-Thin Minimalist Waterproof - Best gifts for minimalists

Being a minimalist isn’t about throwing away all your possessions. It’s about only keeping what is practical and useful. And everyone needs a great watch! That’s why a reliable yet simple watch can be a thoughtful gift for any minimalist.

But choosing the right watch can be a difficult choice. I love this elegant, pared-back watch for men because of its simple design. It’s thin, sleek, and the face is easy to read. You can wear it anywhere from work to leisure time. It comes in a range of colorways to choose from, featuring mainly black or blue.

A watch is a personal yet practical gift. These two watches would be my top picks when shopping for a minimalist!


Fossil Women Essentialist Stainless Steel Casual Quartz Watch

Fossil Women Essentialist Stainless Steel Casual Quartz Watch - Best gifts for minimalists

This Fossil watch would make a beautiful gift for any woman. It’s incredibly simple yet attractive and will go with any outfit. Plus, it’s waterproof and high-quality with a leather strap. You can also buy alternative straps to mix up the look if you fancy a change! 



So there you have a selection of gift ideas for difficult people! Any time you’re struggling to come up with what to buy a minimalist, you can refer to this list. You could even bookmark it to have handy for birthdays, celebrations, and Christmas!

Digital gifts make excellent gifts for a minimalist. If you have a techy friend, they are sure to love the Skillshare course. Or maybe you’re buying for an avid book reader? Then, the Kindle Paperwhite is the ideal solution. You also have some ideas for practical gifts like a minimalist watch, backpack, or wallet. 

Let me know which of these minimalist gifts you like best in the comments below! I’m so curious to know!

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