Fire Meets Ice: 10 Enchanting Warm & Blue Color Palettes

  • You can create a gorgeous color palette by pairing warm colors with cool blues 
  • Or you can put together a variety of blue shades for a beautiful blue color scheme
  • Combining cool and warm tones creates an eye-catching contrast – read on for suggested color palettes! 

Blue is a gorgeous color that is a popular choice for artwork, branding, and interior design. So, here are some warm blue color palettes for your inspiration! 

Generally, blue is considered a cool color on the color wheel. We associate the color blue with the sea, sky, ice, and colder things in general. For example, blue and silver are often thought of as the colors of winter. 

But every color exists on a spectrum. So, you can get warmer shades of blue too! These shades lean more towards purple than green on the color wheel. They can also have stronger yellow and red undertones that make them appear warmer. 

And even when you use cool blue shades, you can pair them with warm tones. That creates an interesting and eye-catching contrast. For example, think of a sunset with blue gradually fading into reds, oranges, and pinks. 

With that in mind, I’ve created these warm blue color palettes for you! Some of them feature warmer shades of blue, while others combine blue with warm colors. 

10 Warm & Blue Color Palettes for Inspiration

These eye-catching color palettes combine the color blue with other warm shades. 

I’ve included the color names and hex codes with each color palette. That makes it easy for you to look up the colors and use them in your art or design work. Or, you could take use these color palettes to help you pick a stylish color scheme for your home! 

Browse these suggestions and see which of the color schemes jump out at you. Let me know which are your favorites in the comments section at the bottom! 

Cool to Warm Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes:

Sky Blue: #68D6CE

Pearl: #ECE0C3

Maximum Blue Purple: #A6ACFF

Navy Blue: #040072

Cetacean Blue: #02002F

This color palette includes a range of shades of blue and a warm beige tone to contrast them. It has dark to light blues, cool to warm shades, and something for everyone! You could use this color palette in so many ways, so get creative with it! 

Warm & Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes:

Han Purple: #581CEE

Blue Cola: #128DE1

Spanish Gray: #99999B

Amber: #FFC200

Turquoise Blue: #00FFF6

This color palette features bold, bright blues contrasted with warm shades. The rich yellow-orange color brings to mind sunsets and complements the blue tones. It creates a tropical, lively vibe. While the soothing warm brown is a soft neutral to balance out the entire color scheme. 

Bright Red & Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes:

Metallic Blue: #3D5A80

Pale Cerulean: #98C1D9

Light Cyan: #E0FBFC

Burnt Sienna: #EE6C4D

Gunmetal: #293241

This color scheme uses dark blues and paler shades to create a nice contrast. But the bright burst of red draws the eye! This orange-red shade is even more vibrant against the muted blues and pastel shades. Burnt Sienna is a rich, warm color that stands out against the cooler blues. As a result, this color scheme is sophisticated yet fun. 

Earthy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: 

Cool Black: #012E66

Cerulean Frost: #6B99C3

Light French Beige: #D1AB7D

Liver Chestnut: #96785B

Silver Sand: #C2C3C5

This color palette is inspired by the colors of the earth, with a coastal vibe. It has rich, warm brown and sand tones contrasted with sky blue and deep, dark navy. Finally, a minimalist gray selection is thrown in as a neutral color. It works well to add white space and balance out the other tones in this color scheme.

Warm Blues, Greens & Yellows

Hex Codes:

Caramel: #FEDC97

Sage: #B5B682

Dolphin Gray: #7C9885

Myrtle Green: #28666E

Ateneo Blue: #033F63

Green, blue, and purple are all considered to be cooler colors, according to color theory. But even green and blue have warmer tones. So, I’ve picked out shades of green and blue that are warmer for this color palette. And I’ve thrown in a bright shade of yellow to complete the look!

Warm Blue Color Scheme

Hex Codes:

Vivid Cerulean: #00A8E8

Celadon Blue: #007EA7

Prussian Blue: #003459

Rich Black: #00171F

White: #FFFFFF

You don’t always have to pair blue with warmer colors to create an effective color scheme. Blue comes in so many different shades, so you can get creative with an all-blue color palette. This one combines warmer tones of blue and a white shade to provide contrast. The result is a sophisticated color scheme that is confident and attractive.

Blues & Vivid Yellows

Hex Codes:

Cyber Yellow: #FFD500

Golden Poppy: #FDC500

USAFA Blue: #00509D

Midnight Blue: #003F88

Cool Black: #00296B

Yellow never fails to brighten up any room. And so, this color scheme is fun, positive, and uplifting! The beautiful yellows contrast with the bright blues chosen for this color palette. It’s a strong argument for pairing navy blues with tones of yellow. 

Overall, the effect is sunny and cheerful. It brings to mind the blue sky on a bright day with plenty of sunlight. I’ll be surprised if you can resist this color scheme!

Warm Blues & Purples

Hex Codes: 

Cool Black: #02315D

Dark Cerulean: #00457E

Lapis Lazuli: #2F70AF

English Lavender: #B9848C

French Lilac: #806491

As I mentioned above, a warm blue shade is defined according to the color wheel. If it’s closer to purple than green, that makes it a warm blue. Purple itself is such a rich and striking color. It can range from soft lavender to rich, warm berry tones. And blue and purple work so well, complementing each other without clashing. So, I’ve put together a color palette dedicated to warm shades of blue and purple. 

Warm Tones Color Pallete

Hex Codes: 

Dark Charcoal: #323031

Mustard: #FFC857

CG Red: #DB3A34

Midnight Green: #084C61

Metallic Seaweed: #177E89

This color palette features shades of teal rather than blue. But as teal has heavy blue undertones, it still counts! Generally, teal is a cool color – but these exact shades are on the warm side. I’ve paired it with gorgeous yellows and reds for a welcoming and bold color palette. 

Warm Neutral & Blue Color Scheme

Hex Codes: 

Chinese Black: #0D0C1D

Dark Gunmetal: #161B33

Independence Blue: #474973

Heliotrope Gray: #A69CAC

Almond: #F1DAC4

You don’t always want to pair blue with another bright color. And in that case, a soft neutral is an excellent alternative. This color scheme pairs the darkest blues with a pastel almond shade. And I’ve purposely picked out rich, purplish-blue tones from the color wheel. The final touch is a muted lavender color to complete this color palette.

Bold Orange & Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: 

Dark Cornflower Blue: #1D4E89

Turquoise Surf: #00B2CA

Pearl Aqua: #7DCFB6

Deep Champagne: #FBD1A2

Bright Orange: #F79256

Did you know that blue and orange are complementary colors? That means they are opposite each other on the color wheel and have high contrast. Cool blue is associated with water and coldness, while orange often means heat and fire. 

But these colors work wonders together, as this color palette demonstrates. It uses fun, bold, and bright colors to create a lively color scheme that draws the eye. 

warm blue color palette

The Wrap Up 

So, there you have a variety of warm blue color palettes. You can find something for every mood and aesthetic, from muted tones to bold, bright colors. 

As you’ve seen, color palettes combine warm shades of blue and green or purple. But you can also create amazing color palettes contrasting cool and warm colors. For example, the color palettes combining blue and red or blue and yellow. 

Let me know which of these color palettes appeals most to you! 

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Outmane is the founder of Proactive Creative. He is an artist/designer.

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