The 5 Best Printers for Stickers in 2023 (June)

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Whether you want to print stickers to sell, as gifts, or for your business, you need the best printer. You can print high-quality stickers at home if you have the right printer. This guide will walk you through which printer you’ll need.

You might be planning on starting up a side-hustle selling sticker online. Maybe you want some stickers to use for marketing or to run a giveaway for your business. 

Or you might just want some stickers to decorate your home and items or give as personalized gifts. Either way, stickers are fun, cute, and easy to DIY at home! 

You can print stickers on a regular printer, but there are a few things to keep in mind. So, I’ve created a detailed buying guide to choosing the right printer to make stickers.

For example, you should think about what you’ll use your printer for. Do you need it just for stickers, or regular printing too? And do you need it to scan and copy as well?

And then, what kind of stickers do you want to print? The two main types are paper stickers and vinyl stickers. But not all printers are compatible with all paper types.

But first, let’s take a look at some of the best printers for labels and stickers on the market right now! I’ve chosen them for their print quality, compatibility with sticker paper, and ease of use. You’ll find everything from budget to premium printers, depending on what you need! 

Best Printer for Stickers: Buying Guide

Want to dig a little deeper into what makes the best sticker printer? Here’s everything you need to know! 

Inkjet Vs. Laser

There are two main types of printers – laser prints and inkjet printers. Each type has its pros and cons, and they’re both suitable for printing stickers. 

Laser stickers tend to be faster and better suited to large print runs. They produce crisp text and bright colors, but their image quality doesn’t tend to be as high as laser printers.

Rather than ink, laser printers use toner for printing. Toner cartridges tend to last a lot longer, but they are also more expensive to replace. 

Laser printers offer one advantage in that they can use white toner on dark backgrounds. That’s something you can’t do with an inkjet printer. So if you want to print black stickers, a laser printer is your best bet.

They do use heat to bind the toner to the page, so you have to be careful with the sticker paper you use. Not all types of paper are compatible as they could melt.

In contrast, inkjet printers are cheaper to buy, but you’ll need to replace the cartridges more often. That can add up fast! 

Inkjet printers also tend to have higher print resolution and image quality as a result. That makes them perfect for printing premium vinyl stickers – they’ll come out with a neat, vivid finish. Just keep in mind that they often have a slower print speed! 

Print resolution is essential so that your images come out as sharp as possible. It’s measured in dots per inch (or DPI), and the general rule is the higher, the better. I would recommend looking for at least 1000 x 1000 dpi for consistently good stickers.

Color Accuracy

The next issue you could find is that your stickers don’t come out looking as bright as you imagined. Color accuracy can be a problem on some printers, as they distort the colors during printing. That can get frustrating as you waste both your time and your money on ruined stickers.

That’s why I recommend looking for a printer that has excellent color accuracy. You can find this out by reading reviews (like my detailed reviews above). It’s also a good sign if the printer has 5 or 6 different inks. That makes it easier to produce accurate images than with only three inks. 

Paper & Print Sizes

You’ll need to think about what kind of stickers you’d like to make. Do you just want to make smaller stickers, or would you also like to produce large stickers? Not all printers can handle large print formats, so you’ll need to keep that in mind when shopping around. Make sure to double-check which paper sizes are compatible with your chosen printer.


You used to have to connect your computer to your laptop via USB to print. And while you can still do that on most models, there are many more options these days. 

For example, you could connect over the cloud from your smartphone or your mobile device and send stickers to print. Some models even offer WiFi Direct, so you can print even if there isn’t a router nearby. 

It’s easier than ever to print from any device, and you don’t even have to be close to your printer. That makes it more flexible and versatile for you! For example, you could design a new sticker design on your tablet and send it wirelessly to your printer. Within seconds, you’d have the finished product! 

Printer Speed

Another important factor is how fast the printer is. The speed is measured in pages per minute (ppm). You don’t want to waste ages hanging around waiting for your stickers to be ready. That’s especially true if you have a large print run.

So, it’s always better to go for a faster printer if possible (although they tend to cost more). Also, keep in mind that color prints take longer than black and white. Even more so if they have large areas of saturated color. 

The print speed will be less of an issue if you’re looking for a home printer or for just a few stickers. But if you run a business selling stickers or need to do a lot of printing, make sure to go for a printer with at least 15 ppm. 

Generally, you’ll find that laser printers are much speedier than inkjet printers. They can turn out up to 100 pages in a minute. But while inkjet printers are slower, they offer many advantages (as explained above).

Other Features

It’s worth comparing any extra features the printer has, too. For example, do you need an all-in-one office device that can scan and copy, too? Then, you will appreciate features like duplex printing and an auto document feeder. These additions allow you to get on with other tasks, as you won’t need to hover over the printer the whole time. 


Finally, the printer needs to suit your price range. And like any other device, printers vary a lot in price, with everything from budget to premium models. That’s why you should get clear on how much you can spend and identify your non-negotiables in a sticker printer.

It’s tempting to go for the cheapest printer out there. But you should also keep in mind the ongoing long-term costs of the printer. Especially if you’re buying it for your business. You’ll need to factor in the cost of the printer maintenance and replacement ink cartridges. 

Make sure to calculate how much each sticker will cost you in ink, printer cost, and other resources. That will help you to set your prices so you can make a decent profit on your stickers. 

But there are some great budget printers, including the ones reviewed above. They show that you don’t need a lot of money to start printing your own stickers.

Best Printer for Labels and Stickers: Reviews

Top 3 Printers for Stickers: Quick Comparison

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick summary of what you need to know! 

What is the Best Printer for Printing Stickers Overall?

In my opinion, the best printer for labels and stickers overall is the Canon IP8720. It produces vibrant, high-quality stickers that really pop. It can handle large paper formats, and it has a great print speed. 

And the runner-up printer?

I’d go for the Epson Expression Premium XP-6000. It’s an ideal printer for your home or even a small business. It’s compact yet packed with fantastic features. The high print resolution ensures that your stickers look bright and sharp.

What is the best budget printer?

If you’re on a tight budget, I think you’ll love the Brother MFC-J497DW printer. It’s super affordable and multi-functional, with good connectivity options.  And as it uses five different inks, your stickers will come out looking amazing. 

Canon IP8720 printer epson expression printer for stickers brother mfc printer for printing stickers
Product NameCanon IP8720Epson Expression Premium XP-6000Brother MFC-J497DW
Printing TechnologyInkjetInkjetInkjet
Paper formatsUp to 13 x 19 inches3.5″ x 5″, 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″, 8.5″ x 11″, A4, B5, A5, A6, half letter, executiveLetter, Envelope, Legal, Executive, A3, A4, A5, A6, Envelope (C5), Envelope (DL), Envelope (Monarch), Photo (3.5″ x 5″), Photo (4″ x 6″), Photo (5″ x 7″), Photo (5″ x 8″), Photo (8″ x 10″)
Printer Output14.5 ppm for black and white, 10.4 ppm for color prints

15.8 ppm for black and white, 11.3 ppm for color prints

12 ppm for black and white, 10 ppm for color prints

Brother MFC-J497DW Inkjet Multifunction Printer

Best Budget Printer

Brother MFC-J497DW

(Image credit: Brother)

Let’s start with this amazing Brother printer. This one is the cheapest on the list, but don’t let that fool you. It’s still an excellent printer that’s super durable and produces great stickers! 

The Brother MFC-J497DW produces high-resolution images, making it ideal for printing stickers. It uses five different inks, so your stickers will come out vibrant and eye-catching. And as it’s an inkjet model, you don’t need to worry about it melting your sticker paper. (Like some laser printers can do). 

Even better, it’s multifunctional and can also handle all your scanning and copying needs. So, it’s all you need for your home office or small business. With an Auto Document Feeder, duplex printing, and a paper tray, you can print hands-off. 

This Brother printer offers versatile connectivity options. You can use the wireless and cloud capability to print from your phone, or you can connect via USB. It has an LCD display that is easy to use but a little small at just 1.8 inches.

Brother offers excellent customer support, promising lifetime support for your printer. You also get a 1-year warranty in case of any issues. 

It’s worth noting that it’s not the fastest printer on the market. It can only print 12 black and white pages per minute or six color pages. So, that could be a dealbreaker if you have large print runs. This might not be the best printer for businesses that print a lot of stickers in big batches.

If you don’t have a lot to spend on a printer, this model is your best bet. It’s one of the best printers that can print stickers on a budget. 

But as it’s an all-in-one printer, it’s also very versatile and practical. And when it comes to a printer, you can’t beat that low cost! So it’s one of the best ways to start printing your own stickers without breaking the bank. 

  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Brand: Brother
  • Paper formats: Letter, Envelope, Legal, Executive, A3, A4, A5, A6, Envelope (C5), Envelope (DL), Envelope (Monarch), Photo (3.5″ x 5″), Photo (4″ x 6″), Photo (5″ x 7″), Photo (5″ x 8″), Photo (8″ x 10″)
  • Printer Output: 12 ppm for black & white, 6 ppm for color


  • It’s very sturdily built and offers fantastic value for money
  • A multifunctional printer that can also scan and copy
  • It produces high-resolution stickers that look great
  • Good connectivity options via USB or wireless 


  • It has a slow print speed 
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Epson Expression Premium XP-6000

Best Printer for Printing at Home

Epson Expression Premium XP-6000

(Image credit: Epson)

If you’re looking for an affordable printer for photos, you won’t go wrong with the Epson Expression. This model is compact, user-friendly, and ideal for producing high-quality images and photos. That also makes it perfect for sticker printing!

The Expression Premium XP-6000 takes up very little space but is a powerful printer. It has a fast output, printing up to 15 sheets per minute – pretty impressive for an at-home printer. (Especially at this price). 

Most importantly, your stickers will look amazing! As it uses five different inks, the colors will come out vibrant and saturated. Images come out looking sharp and highly defined, thanks to a print resolution of up to 5760 x 1440 dpi. 

It’s also packed full of features, so you can get the exact results you’d like from your printer. For example, it offers borderless printing, duplex printing, and wireless connectivity. You can transfer images from your phone or tablet for printing – no router necessary. And if you love your gadgets, you can even sync them with Alexa for voice-activated printing.

The 2.4-inch color LCD makes it easy to select the options you need. This printer is simple to navigate and super compact, making it ideal if you’re short on space. 

So, if you want a versatile yet affordable printer, this Epson ticks all the right boxes! It’s ideal for both your home or your small business. Making stickers will be quick and simple, and you’ll get excellent results.

  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Brand: Epson
  • Paper formats: 3.5″ x 5″, 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″, 8.5″ x 11″, A4, B5, A5, A6, half letter, executive
  • Printer Output: 15.8 ppm black and white, 11.3 ppm for color


  • It prints high-quality stickers and photos using five different premium inks
  • Fast print speed of up to 15 ppm
  • Great connectivity options including USB, SD slots, Cloud & Wireless Direct printing
  • It also scans, copies, and has tons of features


  • It can be a little complicated to set up at first
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Canon IP8720 Wireless Printer

Best Printer for Vinyl Stickers 

Canon IP8720

(Image credit: Canon)

The Canon IP8720 is an outstanding printer for any kind of stickers. But where it excels is in producing vibrant, long-lasting vinyl stickers. 

This printer has excellent color accuracy, so your colors come out just as you’d expect. That can save you a lot of frustration, not to mention wasted print runs, paper, and ink. Your stickers will look just right the first time around! 

The Canon IP8720 has six different ink colors with individual tanks. So, it produces much more vibrant, true-to-life prints than a printer with only three ink tanks. 

It also uses high-quality Canon inks that remain bright and vibrant over time. So, you can impress with gorgeous archival-quality stickers that won’t fade. And as a result, your customers are likely to come back for more! 

The 9600 x 2400 dpi speaks for itself, as does the fast print speed. It can churn out a 4×6 borderless print in just 36 seconds and has an output of 14.5 ppm. 

It’s also versatile with a wide range of printing options. You can create borderless prints of up to 13 x 19 inches, so it’s perfect for making large stickers. And as you expect, you can connect via USB, Wireless connection, AirPrint, and more.

It is more expensive than the Epson Expression XP6200 and the Brother MFC-J497DW. But if you’re investing in a long-term solution for printing stickers, this one would be a wise decision! 

The Canon IP8720 is a reliable, durable printer that produces amazing stickers. And it’s still much cheaper than many premium printers out there. It’s the closest you’ll come to a professional printer at this reasonable price. 

  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Brand: Canon
  • Paper formats: Up to 13 x 19 inches
  • Printer Output: 14.5 ppm for black and white, 10.4 ppm for color prints


  • Best printer for producing high-quality, flawless stickers 
  • Can create large stickers up to 13 x 19 inches
  • Amazing features and print resolution for this price
  • A decent printing speed of 14.5 ppm in black and white


  • Not the cheapest printer out there
  • It doesn’t have an LCD touchscreen
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HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Wireless Color Printer

Best Low-Cost HP Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 8210

(Image credit: HP)

HP is well-known for producing great printers for both the home and office. And the OfficeJet Pro 8210 is another excellent printer for labels. 

This printer is very affordable, but it has all the features and specs you need. For example, it has an input tray, output tray and offers duplex printing. Plus, you can connect with the free HP Smart app to control printing easily from your smartphone. It’s also quick and simple to set up. 

The HP OfficeJet is perfectly suited for large print runs. It can handle up to 30,000 pages per month, so offices and small businesses will find it meets their needs. And of course, it can also scan and copy.

It does have a lower print resolution than some printers, with only up to 2400 x 1200 dpi for color prints. That doesn’t mean your stickers will look blurry or unprofessional. But they might not be as sharp as other premium printers can produce.

The HP OfficeJet Pro excels as a regular, low-cost printer. And it’s also capable of occasional sticker printing. So, if you want to print a few stickers here and there, it’s a great choice. But if you want to print a lot of high-quality stickers to sell, check out the other options on this list. 

  • Printing Technology: Thermal Inkjet
  • Brand: HP
  • Paper formats: 3 x 5 to 8.5 x 14, Letter, Legal, Envelope
  • Printer Output: Up to 18 ppm


  • A low-cost, all-in-one printer that can also print stickers
  • It has a fast print speed of up to 18 ppm
  • It can handle large print runs and is multifunctional, providing scanning and copying


  • It doesn’t have the best print resolution or image quality
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Brother Inkjet Printer

Best Premium Printer

Brother Inkjet MFC-J985DW

(Image credit: Brother)

Listen up if you run a sticker printing business or a side hustle selling stickers online. The Brother MFC-J985DW could be exactly what you need! 

This durable, robust printer is ideal for printing large volumes of stickers. But it’s also an excellent long-term investment, thanks to its low ongoing costs. 

This printer doesn’t come cheap upfront. But you’ll find that the price of the ink cartridges is very affordable, so you can keep ongoing costs down. It’s one of the most cost-effective printers out there in the long term. 

That’s not all this Brother printer has going for it. With the 2.7-inch touchscreen, you can navigate your printing options easily. 

It has excellent connectivity options, including mobile so you can print on the go. It also supports WiFi Direct connections, so you don’t need a router. The only drawback is that it could be a little faster, at just 12 ppm. 

The 100-sheet paper tray, duplex printing, scan, and copy are all handy features. So, this printer meets all your office needs as well. It also comes with a generous two-year warranty. So, you can feel confident investing a little more into this printer.

The Brother MFC-J985DW is suitable for anyone who wants to print a lot of stickers and save money. It’s versatile, easy to use, and robust, and you have access to great customer support if needed! So, if you’re ready to invest in your sticker printing business, nab this printer to set yourself up. 

  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Brand: Brother
  • Paper formats: A4, Letter, Legal, Executive, A5, A6, Photo (4″ x 6″), Index Card (5″ x 8″), Photo (5″ x 7″), Envelope (C5), Envelope (Com-10), Envelope (DL), Envelope (Monarch)
  • Printer Output: 12 ppm for black & white, ten ppm for color printing


  • A great long-term investment with low ongoing costs
  • It’s durable and comes with a 2-year warranty
  • You can connect easily via mobile with WiFi Direct and cloud connections


  • It’s a little slow at just 12 ppm
  • This printer is expensive upfront 
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The best printers for printing stickers

The Wrap Up

Choosing the best printer can feel like a big decision, and there is a lot to think about. 

But with this guide, you now know everything there is to know about sticker printers (or almost). And it would be best if you had a good idea of what to look for and which of the above printers will work for you.

Before making your decision, you should think about why you need to print stickers (business or personal use?). You should also consider how often you’ll use your printer and whether it needs to double up as a copier and scanner.

These questions will help you pick out the best sticker printer for your needs. Let me know which one you go for in the comments or any questions you have! 

Make sure to follow me on Pinterest for more reviews, guides, and tips!

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