How to Price Your Artwork (Free Art Pricing Calculator)

You’re a talented artist and produce amazing artwork. But you’re not sure how to price your art to ensure that you’re earning good money from your work. 

Getting your head around the business side of being an artist is challenging. You deserve to get paid a decent price for your artwork, but it’s easy to undercharge. Knowing how to price your artwork is a little complicated.

There are lots of variables to think about, from the materials to your time spent. Plus, imposter syndrome can make it hard to come up with a fair price for your work. It’s even harder when you’re considering how to price digital art

So, you can use this simple art pricing calculator (at the end of the page) to figure out how to price your art commissions. There are two different formulas you can use to generate your art commission prices. 

This calculator will remove all the overthinking and stress from the pricing process! So, let’s get into the art pricing guide, and I’ll explain how to use the art commission calculator. 

How Does This Art Pricing Calculator Work?

This art pricing calculator is super simple and easy to use. There are two formulas you can use depending on your preferred method. Each one is explained in depth below. 

This calculator is suitable for original art, digital art, and art prints. It’s flexible, quick, and versatile. 

You can go with the first formula, which is related to the size of your artwork. You’ll need to decide a cost per square inch, so this formula might be best suited to professionals. If you’re a beginner, you might not know what the cost per square inch should be. 

If you lack confidence, you can start out using the second formula instead. Here, you’ll decide an hourly rate and then multiply it by the time taken, factoring in your expenses too.

Whichever formula or calculator you choose, just enter your details. Then, it will calculate the right price for your artwork.

How to Price your Artwork with the Free Art Pricing Calculator Tool

Setting your prices is a dilemma every artist struggles with at some point. Pricing your artwork is full of pitfalls, as you want to avoid over or undercharging. Because either way, it could damage your reputation and put off customers.

That’s where this art commission price calculator comes in!

I’ve included two different calculators for you to choose between. So, you can come up with the right price for your artwork. 

You may need to test out each calculator to find which one you prefer.

If you’re unsure about the cost of materials or time is taken, add in a little extra buffer. You don’t want to underprice yourself! 

Hourly rate
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Artwork Height
Artwork Width
Cost Per Square Inch
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Art Price Calculator 1

The next option is based on your hourly rate and time taken. Here’s what you’ll need for this formula:

  • Hourly Rate
  • Hours spent (How long did it take you to complete your work)
  • Cost of materials

I recommend tracking your time or at least having a vague idea of how long you spend on each artwork.

Then, you should decide on your desired hourly rate. You can use your location’s living wage as a minimum. If you have an income goal in mind or specific outgoings to cover, use that total instead. Divide it by the hours you’ll work over the month. 

Then, type in your numbers, and the calculator will do its work. You’ll get an estimate of the price you should charge for the artwork to compensate you for your time and materials.

If you want to have a successful career as an artist, you need to set the right prices for your work. Not only should you factor in your expenses, but you want to make enough money to earn a living. 

Art Price Calculator 2

Anyone can use this formula! All you need to know is the:

  • Artwork Height
  • Artwork Width
  • Cost of materials

First of all, you’ll need to decide on a Cost Per Square Inch (CPSI). For this, you should factor in your experience and reputation as an artist.

If you’re only starting out, you may want to go with a lower CPSI. You can raise it as you continue to grow your following and build up your credentials.

Check out what other similar artists are charging. You can work out roughly what their CPSI is (although you won’t know the materials cost). Just divide the price by the size of their artwork to get an idea of their CPSI. 

Then, plug in the size of your artwork, materials cost, and your chosen CPSI. The commission price calculator will show you the right price for your artwork.

This guide on how to price artwork for beginners (or pros) contains everything you need to know. The art commission price calculator takes out all the hard work of pricing your art. 

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How to price your artwork, free art pricing calculator

So, plug in your figures, and you’ll soon have the best prices for all your artwork. You can factor in your experience while keeping your income goal in mind.  This tool will help you on your journey to earning a great income as an artist.

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