Seamless Design Solutions: Best Desks with Integrated Trays

Finding the right desk isn’t easy, especially when you’re short on space. But have you considered going for a computer desk with a keyboard tray?

Slide-out keyboard trays allow you to make better use of the desktop. You can keep your keyboard and mouse on the keyboard tray and free up more of the desk space.

That’s why I recommend going for a computer desk with a pull-out keyboard. It’s ideal for small spaces, and you’ll feel more comfortable (so you may even get more done!)

Buying Guide for a Computer Desk with Pull Out Keyboard

There are a few things to look out for when you’re choosing a computer desk with keyboard tray. Keep these factors in mind to help you make your decision!


Before you start shopping around, you’ll need to measure up your space. Decide where your desk will be, so you can check the dimensions of the desks you consider. 

Don’t forget to include space for your desk chair so that you’re not squashed when you work!

Another thing to think about is how much leg space you need. If you’re tall, you should think about this in advance. 

Measure how high your legs are when sitting to check you’ll have enough clearance below the tray. You don’t want to wait until you get a desk home to discover that it’s not compatible. 

Construction & Materials

Look for a computer desk that is sturdy and hardwearing. Solid wood desks are the most durable, but a plywood or engineer wood desk can be suitable. 

If possible, take a look at the construction and craftsmanship. A desk should also have a sturdy frame to support it, often made from metal.

Some desks come with a warranty, protecting you in the case of damage and saving you money in the long-term. That can be a huge advantage, as the manufacturer should replace or repair your desk for you by contacting customer service. 


Computer desks can range from very affordable to premium prices. Have a clear budget in mind, so you can look out for desks that fit the right price range.

If you’re on a tighter budget, you’ll need to weigh up the quality against a lower price. But if you can afford to spend more, you’ll find plenty of options.

Either way, there are some excellent low and mid-range desks with keyboard trays. Check my reviews above for my top recommendations! 

Keyboard Tray

Don’t forget to have a close look at the keyboard tray, too. Some trays will be deeper and have space for your mouse. Or they may have an additional extendable platform.

Ideally, the keyboard tray should be deep enough to have your keyboard at an ergonomic angle. That will protect your hands while you type and ensure your comfort. 

But some trays are shallower, so you’ll need to keep your keyboard flat. While you’ll get more legroom below, it may not be the best setup if you work long hours.

Extra Storage 

Do you need more storage on your computer desk? Even small desks may offer extra storage in the form of shelves or drawers.

Having drawers is useful, as you can keep useful items nearby but out of sight. A shelf can also come in handy to store books or other tools like a printer, mouse, or even your cup of coffee.

But some smaller desks are very minimalist and don’t offer any storage space. If it’s a priority for you, don’t forget to keep it in mind as you shop. 

Computer desk with keyboard tray

The Best Computer Desks with Keyboard Tray Reviews

If you’re looking for a small desk with a keyboard tray, read on. Here’s my roundup of the best options available now, plus a buying guide to help you choose.

Flash Furniture Glass Computer

Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard Tray

(Image credit: Flash Furniture)

This stylish glass desk would be a great addition to any room. It won’t look out of place, even if you work from your dining room or bedroom at home.

It has a minimalist frame made from sturdy cherry wood, and the pullout tray gives you more space on the desktop. 

So, even though it’s a simple design, you’ll have plenty of room to work. It measures 23.5 x 11.75 inches and weighs 36 pounds. 

The sliding keyboard tray ensures a comfortable typing position. Plus, there’s ample space for your legs so that you don’t feel squashed. 

This desk looks smart and classic, with a modern touch. The keyboard tray makes it ideal for anyone tight on space but without sacrificing style.

  • Gorgeous, minimal design with a durable build will look great anywhere
  • The keyboard tray creates more room on the desk for your computer and supplies
  • It’s a little tricky to put together

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Walker Edison Desk

Walker Edison Desk

(Image credit: Walker Edison)

If you’re looking for a sleek modern pull out desk, you’ll love this Walker Edison design. 

Although it’s made from glass, it’s sturdy and practical. The tempered safety glass is treated for strength, so it can easily hold your laptop. 

This compact desk will fit in any room, measuring 31 x 20 inches. It’s also quite lightweight at 28 lbs, so you can move it with ease if necessary.

The elegant design will complement your decor. It won’t look out of place in a living room or bedroom, but creates a dedicated workspace.

The keyboard tray will save you even more space. And although this desk is minimalist, there’s enough room for your notebook or other items.

  • Sleek, minimalist desk with computer tray
  • It looks modern and is made from strong tempered glass
  • You’ll need to clean the glass surface more than other desks

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Calico Designs Convertible Desk

Computer desk with keyboard tray - Calico Designs Convertible Art Drawing/Computer Desk

(Image credit: Calico Designs)

Here is a desk designed to work for you! It’s versatile, with two removable table extensions to boost the surface area.

But the bonus is that you can arrange the extensions at any height to make them fit your needs. You can attach them at table level to give you more desktop space to work on. 

The table itself measures 55.25 x 19.75 inches. But if you factor in the table extensions at 9.75 x 19.75 inches, it’s a spacious desk. The desktop can support 50 lbs, while each extension can hold up to 15lbs. 

Or, you could attach them lower down on the table legs as extra shelving. If you’re tight on space, you can remove them altogether.

As for the table itself, it’s durable and hardwearing. The frame is made from powder-coated steel and can hold 50 lbs of weight. So, you don’t need to worry about breaking this desk. 

The ash wood desktop looks refined and high-quality. There’s also an extra shelf you could use to hold a printer, speaker, or computer tower.

If you need an adaptable, versatile desk with keyboard tray, grab this one! It’s affordable and offers excellent value for money.

  • It has two adjustable table extensions and an extra shelf
  • Versatile and has lots of storage space
  • The keyboard tray isn’t deep enough to hold a mouse when closed

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VECELO Corner Computer Writing Shelves

VECELO Computer Writing Shelves

(Image credit: VECELO)

This attractive yet practical corner desk is an excellent space-saver. You can set up your home office in the corner of any room and have plenty of space for your laptop and accessories.

It comes in teak, black, or rustic natural brown and looks stylish in any color. This desk measures 41 x 28 inches, but tucks away neatly in a corner.

The table itself weighs 36 lbs and can support a lot of weight. 

The keyboard tray is large enough to hold a full keyboard and mouse, and there’s enough leg space below. 

You also get a long shelf beneath the desk to hold your books or other items you need to keep handy.

This fantastic desk is ideal for any compact home office, as it won’t take over your room. It offers extra shelving space and allows you to work comfortably, even in the smallest of spaces.

  • This corner desk lets you get creative with the space in your room
  • It has a full-sized computer keyboard stand and another shelf below
  • The engineered wood isn’t as sturdy as solid wood

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Kings Brand Office Desk

Kings Brand Furniture

(Image credit: Kings Brand Furniture)

This gorgeous, modern desk will fit in any minimalist home. It’s an eye-catching desk that comes equipped with a rolling keyboard tray

You can buy this desk in black or white, and either style looks attractive. The X-cross metal legs finish the look for a powerful design.

It also has two drawers that can hold all your necessary work supplies. But when closed, they blend smoothly into the lacquered wood desktop. 

This desk feels solid and heavy, scratch-resistant, and effortless to clean. It would be a great desk for any modern room.

It has a generous size at 45.25 x 21.75 inches, giving you all the space you need to work. And while it’s heavy at 67 pounds, that also means it’s super sturdy and durable.

  • Striking modern design with two drawers for storage
  • It’s made from strong lacquered wood and chrome legs
  • The assembly is a little complicated

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OneSpace Ultramodern Glass Desk

OneSpace Ultramodern Glass Computer Desk

(Image credit: OneSpace)

You don’t have to choose between durability and style. This desk has it all! 

It’s sleek and attractive, with a frosted glass worksurface that’s large enough for your laptop. The wide keyboard tray can hold your keyboard and mouse, freeing up the desktop for you.

The heavy-duty steel frame supports this desk. It can hold up to 165 lbs, so you don’t need to worry about overloading it.

But it’s small enough to fit in any room, from a bedroom to the corner of your dining room. Measuring 33.5 x 22.75 inches, it takes up very little floor space.

  • Hardwearing and sturdy build
  • It has a full-sized keyboard tray and lots of legroom
  • There aren’t any extra shelves or drawers for storage

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Aingoo Writing Desk

Aingoo Writing Desk Small

(Image credit: Aingoo)

So, you don’t have a lot of free floor space to work with. This Aingoo writing desk has the solution by adding height! 

It’s super compact but can still provide ample space to work. It measures 29 x 18 inches, can fit into tight spaces, and is very lightweight at 25.6 pounds. 

Despite this, the keyboard tray will hold a full-sized keyboard and any other accessories.

Then, you have a shelf on top for any other items you want to have nearby. So, you’ll have everything you need to get productive.

As another bonus, this desk on wheels is portable. That allows you to move it to the best location with ease. This feature can come in handy in a tiny apartment where space is at a premium. 

You can lock the desk in place when it’s in use, so it’s sturdy and doesn’t move. It’s also simple to put together in minutes.

  • This portable, compact desk has a useful shelf.
  • You get a good-sized desktop and a full-sized keyboard tray
  • It looks a little utilitarian

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Flash Furniture Black Glass L-Shape Desk

Flash Furniture Black Glass L-Shape Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard Tray

(Image credit: Flash Furniture)

This smart L-shaped desk can make the most of your corner space. It fits neatly into the corner of your room and looks stylish and sleek!

The black glass surface adds flair, and the curved cherry wood legs complete the look. It’s very sturdy and can bear lots of weight. 

You’ll have acres of space to spread out all your monitors, tools, notebook, and more. In total, it measures 83.25 x 25.75 inches, so it’s quite heavy at 49.9 lbs.

With two full-sized home office desks and a corner desk, there’s no limit to what you can display. 

It also comes with a useful keyboard tray that you can add to either of the desks. This model would be an ideal office desk with a keyboard tray, either at home or at work.

  • High-quality design with attention to detail 
  • It’s made from strong materials and is very spacious
  • The construction is quite time-consuming

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Frunimall L Shaped Computer Desk

Flash Furniture Black Glass L-Shape Corner Computer Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard Tray

(Image credit: Frunimall)

Next up is another very affordable L-shaped desk. The smart design allows you to make the most of your space. 

This desk provides a large area to work, without taking over the entire room. It’s made up of a 50.4 x 18.9-inch desk and another 46.5 x 18.9-inch desk but fits neatly into a corner.

The keyboard tray is a clever addition, freeing up more of the desktop surface to take notes or draw.

You could add a desk lamp, office supplies, or some personal touches and still have plenty of room.

The Fruminall desk is reversible, so you can set it up to suit your room. It comes with simple instructions for speedy installation.

It’s made from eco-friendly, scratch-resistant wood. Although it’s a low-cost desk, it’s easy to clean and designed to last. 

So, you get great value for money and a durable desk for years to come. It even comes with a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.

  • This reversible L-shaped desk maximizes your workspace
  • It’s stable and hard-wearing, plus it comes with a 2-year warranty
  • It’s not the most compact design for small rooms

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ODK Corner Desk

ODK Corner Desk, Triangle Computer Desk

(Image credit: ODK)

his stylish and practical corner desk is worth your consideration. It ticks all the boxes with a compact design that makes it suitable for the smallest rooms.

It measures just 28.3 x 28.3 inches, perfect for a corner of your room. But you don’t have to make sacrifices for a smaller desk. 

With a full-sized keyboard tray, you get more desk space to work on. It can easily hold your laptop or monitor, along with other items.

You also get a large open shelf below the desk, without giving up your leg space. This desk is a brilliant work of engineering to make the most of a tiny area. 

A sturdy metal frame supports this desk, making it very stable. It can hold up to 220 lbs, so you won’t need to worry about any flimsiness or wobbling.

Not only is this desk stunning, but it’s functional too. It could be the perfect desk for your workstation, home office (or any room!)

  • This corner desk looks great and doesn’t take up much space
  • It’s sturdy yet practical, with a large shelf for storage
  • You’ll need an empty corner of your room for this desk

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Final Thoughts

There’s the perfect computer desk out there for everyone. If you go for one of these desks with keyboard trays, you’ll win in two ways.

First of all, you’ll free up space in your room. If you’re working from home, you may not have a dedicated office. But your desk doesn’t have to take over your living space.

And secondly, the keyboard tray allows you to sit in an optimal position. Prevent forward neck syndrome and avoid aches and strains with a small shift. 

A keyboard tray is a genius tool for maximizing your space. Plus, it ensures an ergonomic position for the hours you spend at your desk.

With a wide range of styles and sizes available, there’s something for every room. You can go for traditional wood or sleek glass and metal, with or without storage. 

Make your desk work for you by choosing wisely!

If you found this article helpful, share it on social media. Which desk will you go for? Let me know in the comments! 

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