The Best Standalone Drawing Tablets for Graphic Designers and Artists

Best standalone drawing tablet

A standalone drawing tablet is an essential tool for any graphic designer or digital artist. It provides enough power to run heavy graphics programs. Especially for people who are looking for drawing tablets that don’t need a computer, as well as the best drawing tablets with screens.

But a good tablet will also allow you to take it anywhere. You can practice your drawing or work on a project while you’re commuting. Or, you can head out in the fresh air to get some inspiration from the natural beauty.

Standalone drawing tablets have greatly improved in recent years. There are all sorts of drawing tablets on the market now. That’s why I’ve created this guide to the best standalone drawing tablets for creatives.

I’ll go over the essential features of a drawing tablet. Then, we’ll get onto the reviews.

What to Look for When Buying a Standalone Tablet

Here’s what to look out for when you’re shopping around for a standalone tablet:

Battery Life

You want long battery life so that you work from anywhere on your tablet. You don’t want the battery to run out when you’re not near a power source. So, look for digital devices that offer 10+ hours of battery life on a full charge.

Screen Sensitivity

The screen sensitivity is a critical factor for any digital drawing tablet. High pressure sensitivity will allow you to sketch, shade, and draw accurate designs. The best drawing tablets will capture every detail for you. Some models even have advanced features like tilt recognition and multi-touch capability.

Lightweight and Portable

A standalone tablet should be lightweight and slim so that you can take it anywhere. You don’t want a bulky device weighing you down when you’re on the move.

Capable of Running Graphics Programs

At the same time, the best standalone drawing tablets won’t skimp on power and performance. Look for at least 8GB of RAM. Then, you’ll know that the device can handle intensive graphics programs. While you’re checking the specs, look up how much storage space it offers, too!


You have to consider your budget when buying a standalone tablet. So you’ll be happy to hear that there’s the right tablet for everyone. You can find very affordable standalone drawing tablets nowadays. Just be prepared that they will offer less advanced features as a trade-off.

The Best Standalone Drawing Tablets: The Reviews!

Here are the best standalone drawing tablets on the market right now!

Wacom MobileStudio Pro

Wacom MobileStudio Pro - Standalone Tablet

(Image credit: Wacom)

Wacom MobileStudio Pro is an impressive drawing tablet with HD Screen and Graphic Monitor. This incredible pen tablet is designed for you if you are creative and you are looking for freedom to take it with you anywhere, Wacom Mobile Studio Pro packs an entire studio of powerful creative tools.

You rarely find a tablet as precise as the Wacom MobileStudio Pro. You can draw incredibly detailed illustrations with no problem at all. So, if you’re a serious digital artist or graphic designer, this tablet is for you.

Best standalone graphic tablet

(Image credit: Wacom)

You’ll be able to produce the high-quality images required of your profession anywhere. It’s compatible with the Adobe Suite and Corel Suite, among other programs. There are no cutting corners with this product. 

It comes with high-resolution displays (3840 x 2160) and superior color quality (94 percent Adobe RGB).

  • A powerful tablet that can run graphically intensive programs
  • Highly responsive
  • Not a cheap option

Check price on


HP Zbook X2-G4 Laptop

(Image credit: HP)

If you have plenty of cash to invest in a standalone drawing tablet with screen, you’ll love the HP Zbook. Technically, it’s a laptop, not a tablet.

But with a fully detachable screen, it has all the features of a drawing tablet. Plus, it packs the power and performance of a PC.

You can draw to your heart’s content on the large 14-inch screen. You won’t be limited by the storage, with 512GB of space available to you.

The Zbook is extremely fast, thanks to the 16GB RAM. That means that it can run any program without lagging or freezing up.

Although it’s large, it only weighs 3.64 lbs in tablet mode. It’s lightweight and portable so that you can go anywhere with it.

All in all, the HP Zbook is the best standalone drawing tablet for graphic designers and digital artists. But only if you can afford the hefty price tag!

  • Combination of a laptop and tablet
  • Large, HD 14” screen
  • Very expensive

Check price on


New Apple iPad Pro

drawing tablet with screen

(Image credit: Apple)

Another option is the latest Apple iPad, which needs little introduction. You’ll probably be familiar with the iPad. But did you know that it makes a great drawing tablet, too?

You can use the Apple Pencil to sketch and draw all kinds of designs on the iPad. The screen is large enough to see all your drawings clearly and in vivid color.

It can be a little expensive when you buy the Pencil separately. But it’s much cheaper than some high-ends standalone drawing tablet products.

The bonus with the Apple iPad is that you can use it for all your other needs, too. Need to send a quick email to a client after creating a new design? You can do it all from the same digital device!

  • Long battery life (10 hours)
  • Powerful and responsive
  • Not designed specifically for drawing

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Huion KAMVAS Studio 22

(Image credit: Huion)

This advanced graphic drawing tablet from Huion is ideal for any professional designer. At 22 inches, it provides plenty of space to let your creativity flow. You can use the battery-free pen for as long as you like. Plus, it offers tilt support for improved accuracy and subtle details. 

It has plenty of useful features that set it apart from other models, including 20 express keys. You can customize these to your own needs for a smooth workflow. The fully laminated screen prevents harsh glares, allowing you to work for longer. As a result, the screen is even brighter, and your designs are more vivid.

You can use any design software with this fantastic tablet. It uses the 6C/6T processor, which is based on the Intel core i5-8400 processor. It also comes with 8GB to 16GB of RAM.

  • Comes with a super-sensitive pen with tilt technology
  • Provides 120% color gamut for bright, lifelike colors
  • It’s expensive, so not a great choice for amateurs

Check price on

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Best standalone tablet that doesn't need computer

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 makes for an ideal Android standalone drawing tablet. It’s super slim, lightweight, and portable. You can pop it in your bag and take it anywhere with you.

At the same time, it’s so powerful that you can run any design program you need. It’s got enough RAM to compete against a PC, allowing you to have many apps open at the same time.

The Super AMOLED display makes your designs look their best. The edge-to-edge screen gives you more space for getting creative.

You’ll love the S-Pen for drawing as it’s so responsive. When you’re done, it attaches magnetically, so you’ll never lose it.

The Galaxy Tab S6 is designed to be user-friendly and effortless to use. It will make drawing easier and more enjoyable than ever!

  • Very slim yet powerful
  • S-Pen included for drawing
  • Fewer screen sensitivity levels than other models

Check price on


Microsoft Surface Pro

Best standalone tablet

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Microsoft Surface Pro provides everything that an artist or graphic designer needs! You get 8GB RAM, an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, and a large screen.

With three different modes, the Surface Pro gives you the best of both worlds. You can use it as a tablet or switch to laptop mode when you need to. 

In Studio Mode, you have the perfect set up for drawing and illustrating. Use the Surface Pen to create intricate designs easily.

You can even sketch and shade accurately with fantastic results. It’s also amazingly lightweight at 1.69 lbs, so it won’t weigh you down.

If you’re looking for a high-end drawing tablet, I would strongly recommend the Surface Pro. While it’s not a cheap drawing tablet with screen, it’s one of the best models for less than $1000. 

  • Super lightweight for easy portability
  • Has the best features of a laptop and drawing tablet
  • Only has one USB port

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CHUWI UBook Pro Tablet

Chuwi standalone drawing tablet

(Image credit: Chuwi)

If you’re looking for an affordable drawing tablet with screen, check this product out! It has a highly sensitive screen and high resolution. So you can create gorgeous, brightly-colored illustrations that are true to life.

If you want to get creative on the train, in the park, or a cafe, this portable drawing tablet fits the bill.

With 11.6-inch Resolution, and an Intel UHD Graphics 600 Flash Memory Size: 256 GB this tablet is a bargain. That’s why I believe that it’s the best budget standalone drawing tablet with screen. It’s an excellent choice for students or anyone on a tight budget.

  • Incredible range of sensitivity
  • Large screen displays bright images and vivid details
  • Pen level pressure is not intuitive enough

Check price on


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The Wrap Up

So there you have my round-up of the best standalone tablets right now. Whether you’re a student, artist, or graphic designer, a standalone drawing tablet is a handy tool to have. So choose the model that meets your needs, and go start drawing

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10 thoughts on “The Best Standalone Drawing Tablets for Graphic Designers and Artists”

  1. Avatar

    Thanks for sharing , the info is useful . I’ve got the chance to get an iPad Pro this weekend. I’ve used a XP-Pen Star 03 graphics tablet for years and I love it. But I’ve always liked the idea of drawing straight onto the screen….drawing and painting are all I’m interested in so it seems amazing to me.

  2. Avatar

    I have an Ipad pro + apple pencil mostly for sketching and illustrating. XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro display drawing tablet with adobe programs/graphic design.

    If you want to work with photoshop / illustrator etc. I’d recommend the XP-Pen , however you will need a pc/laptop with good specs. Ipad is pretty comfortable with drawing but there’s not much ‘apps’ for graphic art/design.

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