Dell Vs HP: Which Brand Has the Best Laptops?

If you’re looking for a new laptop for your graphic design or art, you might be weighing up this dilemma. Should you go for a Dell or HP laptop? 

These are two of the best brands on the market right now, with a range of excellent. But that makes it hard to know which one is better – HP vs Dell?

And with so many laptops available, it’s hard to know where to start. Both HP and Dell have some stellar laptops that could meet your needs. But it’s easy to spend hours (if not days) searching for the right model. 

That’s why I’ve put together this guide to Dell vs HP laptops. I’ll do a deep dive into each brand, including their laptops and features. 

I’ve picked out some of the best Dell and HP laptops and reviewed them for you. Plus, I’ll share which one you should go for depending on what you need from a laptop (graphic design, art, work, gaming, leisure, etc.). 

So, let’s find out: Dell or HP laptop, which is better?

Dell Vs. HP: Features Face to Face

Dell is well-known for its reliable, low-cost laptops for work or leisure. But they also have an amazing line of Alienware gaming laptops.

HP is another of the most popular and dependable laptop brands around. Their laptops are fantastic for everything from creative work to admin to entertainment. 

To help you choose between a Dell or HP laptop, it’s important to look at each of their features face to face.

But first, let’s take a quick look at some of the best laptops each brand has to offer.

Dell vs. HP Comparison

Dell XPS 13 7390 13.3

Best Dell Laptop Overall 

Best Dell Laptop Overall 

(Images credit: Dell)

The XPS range is Dell’s flagship product, and they come at a premium price. These laptops are lightweight, portable, and built like a beast. 

It has a gorgeous, bezel-free screen that makes creative work and videos look amazing. The display spans from corner to corner, with only the slimmest bezels that you’ll hardly even notice. 

The XPS range is Dell’s pride and joy. It comes in a wide range of models from 13 to 17 inches. You can also choose between the standard or 2-in-1 XPS that flips so you can use it as a tablet. So,  you can find the perfect Dell XPS laptop for your needs. 

And while it’s a very expensive laptop, the price is justified in its superb specs and features. It has a smart, unique design that stands out from other options on the market. 

The XPS looks amazing – it’s sleek, compact, and portable. And with a battery life of up to 12 hours, you get even more flexibility and can work from anywhere. 

A robust 10th Gen i7 processor powers this laptop, and it can handle anything you throw at it. As for the specs, they’re all upgradeable, from the RAM to the processor and display. 

While the XPS wasn’t made for gaming, it can stand up to some light gaming. Its powerful processor, ample RAM, and Intel UHD graphics are up to the task. 

Overall, the Dell XPS is an exceptional Windows laptop for all uses. It’s hard to find fault with any aspect other than the high price tag! 

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HP Spectre x360 GEM Cut 13.3

Best HP Laptop Overall

Best HP Laptop Overall

(Images credit: HP)

We’ve seen the Dell XPS, so now it’s time to look at the HP Spectre x360. This gorgeous laptop is HP’s flagship offering, and it’s one of the best HP laptops ever to have existed.

The Spectre x360 is an excellent all-rounder. It provides amazing specs and an outstanding user experience. This is HP’s flagship offering, and it’s a gorgeous laptop with amazing features.

And just like the Dell XPS, it doesn’t come cheap. But as we’re looking at HP’s high-end models, that’s to be expected. If you have cash to burn, you’re likely to love the Spectre x360.

This model is lightweight and portable, despite the power it packs. It’s very compact compared to similar models, thanks to the streamlined graphics card. The GPU is powerful, but don’t let that fool you – the graphics look stunning on this laptop. 

Although this laptop is only 13.3 inches, the tiny bezels maximize the screen. With a 90% screen-to-body ratio, movies and creative work will look gorgeous on this display. 

That takes up to the smart 2-in-1 design of the Spectre x360. It’s not just a laptop – you can flip the screen and work on it in tablet mode. Plus, it comes with the HP Pen included. So, it’s perfect for digital art, graphic design, photo-editing, and animation. 

Some more things worth a mention include the 10-hour battery life and generous storage of up to 1TB. Not to forget the security features like the fingerprint key and webcam kill button. While the gorgeous display and excellent speakers make streaming movies a cinema-like experience. 

It’s perfect for the creative professional who needs a versatile and capable laptop. 

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Dell Inspiron

Best Dell Laptop on a Budget

Best Dell Laptop on a Budget

(Images credit: Dell)

The Dell Inspiron is a more affordable range of laptops. They provide great value for money and superb performance at a reasonable price. 

This 15.6-inch touchscreen laptop has a smart, sleek design and a generously-sized screen. Its lightweight magnesium-alloy build makes it fab for commuters or travel. And the multi-touch capability allows you to work right on the screen, which is rare for this price.

The specs are impressive, especially when you factor in the price. You get 16 GM of RAM, allowing for effortless multitasking with no lags. Plus, the AMD Ryzen 5 quad-core processor is powerful and robust. And with a 1TB hard disk, you’ll never run out of space. 

It’s also very user-friendly, with tons of ports so you can connect to any device. That includes 3 USB ports and an HDMI port. 

The large display and excellent audio make it ideal for entertainment. But it can also handle most of your business, personal, and creative tasks. 

The Dell Inspiron is a fantastic, budget-friendly laptop. I would recommend this model if you’re looking for a great laptop, but your budget doesn’t stretch to the Dell XPS range.

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HP Pavilion

Best Mid-Range HP Laptop 

Best Dell Laptop on a Budget

(Images credit: HP)

As for mid-range HP laptops, the Pavilion is the one you should know about. It’s is a sturdy and dependable laptop that gets the job done. 

It has a decent quality build but is also lightweight and portable. The 15.6-inch screen is large enough for all your needs, but it’s still slim and lightweight enough for travel.  

So, you can take it anywhere. And just like you’d expect from HP laptops, the battery life is incredible. You can work all day whenever you are without needing to charge it. 

The big, bright screen looks huge, thanks to the super-slim bezels. It also comes with a generous 512-GB SSD, so it’s quick and easy to access your files. 

This latest model with the 11th Gen i7 processor packs even more power. While it only comes in a silver colorway, the minimalist design is simple and attractive. 

The Pavilion range comes in a variety of models and prices. For example, they vary from 4 GB up to this very powerful and speedy 16 GB model. So, if you’re watching your spending, you could go for one of the older Pavilion models. 

While the HP Pavilion isn’t ground-breaking, it’s a fantastic mid-range laptop. It has good specs, quality components, and ticks all the right boxes if you’re on a budget.

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Dell Vs. HP: An Overview

You’ve seen some of Dell and HP’s flagship laptop ranges. So now, let’s take a closer look at these two brands. 

Both Dell and HP are computer manufacturers based in the US. They’ve long been two of the most popular laptop brands around, known for their excellent laptops. Even with newer brands appearing, Dell and HP offer reliability and performance.

Dell began making electronics way back in 1984. So, they have decades of experience under their belt. They produce a solid and varied range of laptops, with something for everyone. Dell became popular early on, both in offices and homes. 

In contrast, HP (or Hewlett-Packard) had humble beginnings as a company over 80 years ago in 1939. It originated as a car garage, and after some time, they branched out and began to produce low-cost laptops. Since this time, they have become one of the most popular laptop and computing brands around. 


For Dell, components are what it does best. This brand prides itself on offering robust, high-quality machines with the best components. That’s why these laptops are so hard-wearing and durable. 

As Dell laptops vary in price, it uses an appropriate processor for each model. Cheaper Dell models have dual cores, while the high-end models will have at least four cores. Dell uses CPUs ranging from 6th Gen Intel Core i5 right up to i7 and i9 processors.

Most Dell models have integrated graphics cards. So, they’re not cut out for serious gaming or very demanding tasks. But their best laptops like the Alienware range have dedicated graphics cards.

Dell has some of the best gaming laptops on the market. If you go for one of these beasts, you’ll know you’re getting the best components AMD and NVIDIA have to offer. 

One letdown with Dell laptops is that they often use 2-cell or 3-cell batteries. These can lack power and run down the battery quickly.

But HP also uses some of the best-quality components out there. For example, HP chooses fast and responsive processors from Intel and AMD. But you will see a difference between the components of a budget and high-end HP models. 

You’ll find both Intel HD and NVIDIA graphics cards in HP laptops, depending on the model. The best specs are reserved for HP’s premium laptops for business and gaming. 

What HP does particularly well is its batteries. You can generally rely on any HP laptop having a very long battery life. That’s because HP prefers to use 3-cell and 4-cell batteries. As a result, their laptops can go for hours without charging, often up to 10 or 12 hours at a time. 

Winner: It’s a tight race, but HP beats Dell due to its quality materials and components.


When it comes to Dell’s high-end gaming laptops, the performance is the best there is (at least in my opinion).  

It’s hard to beat these robust, powerful laptops that make gaming a breeze. That’s thanks to powerful i9 processors and incredible NVIDIA graphics cards. These features are backed up by plenty of RAM and speedy SSD storage.

For many of Dell’s premium laptops, performance is guaranteed. But when we look at Dell’s budget line, the performance isn’t as impressive as other similar laptops.

If you’re looking at the lower end of the market, HP tends to beat Dell when it comes to performance. Even their budget-friendly laptops provide an excellent user experience and performance. 

HP laptops handle multitasking with ease, thanks to their powerful specs. That makes them ideal for creative work like illustration and video editing. 

Winner: In this category, HP wins with its powerful, robust laptops. l


Dell laptops tend to have a fairly basic design across most of their laptops. That makes them easy to recognize but not the most innovative models out there. 

But what you can rely on is that they are durable, user-friendly, and accessible. Once you’ve had one Dell laptop, you’ll find it easy to switch to any other model. 

Recently, Dell has begun to offer laptops in a variety of different colors. So, if you like your laptop to stand out, you’ll love these new designs.

Where Dell has branched out is in their gaming laptops, like the Alienware line. The Alienware gaming laptop looks bold and eye-catching. It boasts a backlit keyboard and a large logo that makes it stand out and look cool. 

HP has some gorgeous laptops among its products. Many of them have very stylish, slim builds that look beautiful and work well. HP understands the importance of aesthetics in a laptop, as well as performance. 

Winner: Again, HP is the winner in this category. When it comes to Dell vs. HP laptops, HP models tend to be more stylish, unique, and less generic. But Dell deserves mention for its beautiful range of laptop colors available.


Dell is dedicated to improving its products. It aims to produce better, faster, more user-friendly laptops.

One of the most notable innovations in recent years is Dell Cinema. Now, many Dell laptops excel at providing an outstanding audio and video show. That has made them a popular choice for entertainment.

HP also invests in new products and innovations in its laptops. It aims to provide the best latest features and high specs – especially when compared to the price. 

If you’re looking for a 2-in-1 laptop, HP leads the way with some of the best options out there. But HP isn’t scared to try out new and exciting designs that are unique and attractive. They constantly add new and interesting features, while Dell tends to play it a bit safer.

Winner: It’s close, but HP is slightly more innovative and creative than Dell tends to be. 


So far, HP is in the lead. But when it comes to price, Dell is clearly the winner. 

Dell offers laptops at excellent prices, with affordable options for everyone. Compared to other brands, Dell laptops are very reasonably priced. 

Dell always aims to offer accessible laptops for all your needs. They do, of course, have premium, expensive models too.

In comparison, you can find some HP laptops that are well priced. But compared to other brands, HP tends to cost more than other laptops with similar features. 

So, if you’re on a tight budget, HP might not be the best choice for you. While HP laptops tend to be reliable and often have better specs than other brands, they’re not the cheapest.

Overall, HP laptops tend to work out a bit more expensive. While they still offer great value for money, they will set you back more. Dell tends to be a more budget option, so a Dell laptop is ideal if you’re short on cash.

Winner: Dell wins for its budget prices, but HP does provide excellent value for money overall

Customer Support

Sometimes, things can go wrong with your laptop, and you’ll need to turn to customer support. So, it’s a good idea to know what to expect from Dell and HP before you buy. 

Let’s start with Dell. This brand is known for its friendly and helpful customer service. Each laptop comes with a warranty, and if you have issues, the support staff are happy to help. 

Dell’s customer support tends to be responsive and willing to troubleshoot your problem. They even offer the option of connecting remotely with your laptop to help from a distance. 

But one drawback to Dell’s support is that you may have to wait a long time to get through on its phone lines. So, you might have more luck with their online chat support instead. 

As for HP, most laptops are covered by a 1-year warranty. On top of this, they offer initial 90-day support over the phone when you buy a laptop. This time limit is a little annoying if anything goes wrong when you’re more than three months in. 

Beyond that, you can find help via the HP Support Center. There are also some helpful videos on the HP YouTube channel, but the onus is on you to fix your laptop. It’s harder to get through to a real person for customized support and actual solutions.

Winner: As HP customer support isn’t as accessible, Dell wins this category

Where are Dell & HP Laptops Manufactured?

Most Dell laptops are manufactured in Asia, specifically in Malaysia and China. These factories date back to 1995 and 1999 respectively. But Dell also has factories in India and Brazil. 

The only difference is Dell’s Alienware gaming laptops. These are manufactured in Texas. But some of the parts are produced elsewhere and then shipped in for assembly in the USA. 

HP produce the majority of their laptops in China, Thailand, and Malaysia. But some laptops are produced (or assembled) in the US, as well. 

The manufacturing location isn’t a significant factor for Dell and HP laptops, though. Both companies have great quality procedures, so all their products meet high standards. 

Best Dell laptops

Dell has some superb laptops that are well worth checking out!

Here are the top 3 Dell laptops I would recommend, depending on what you’re looking for:

Dell XPS 13 (9310), 13.4

Best Dell Laptop on the Market

Best Dell Laptop on the Market

(Images credit: Dell)

We took a close look at Dell’s XPS range above. This gorgeous 13-inch XPS laptop is ideal if money is no object and you want the best Dell has to offer.

It’s powered by an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor. So, it can handle demanding apps, multitasking, and even some light gaming. 

Videos and images look outstanding, thanks to the crisp, FHD screen and Iris Xe graphics. It has a super-high contrast and great 1920 x 1080 resolution. That makes colors look rich and bright, while images are sharp and detailed.

Other notable specs include 16 GM of RAM and a 512-GB SSD. It also has all the features you need, from an SD card slot to the Thunderbolt 4 port. So, connecting and transferring data is quicker than ever. 

dell inspiron vs hp pavilion

Despite this laptop being a powerhouse, it’s also incredibly slim at just 14.8 mm thick. So, it’s sleek, lightweight, and effortlessly portable. Smart additions like dual fans and hidden exhaust venting keep the XPS cool, no matter what you’re doing.

Overall, it’s a superb, versatile laptop for all your needs.

  • A gorgeous, lightweight laptop you can take anywhere
  • It’s powerful and robust but super compact
  • It has some of the best specs and all the features you could need

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Dell Inspiron 3000

Best Low-Cost Dell Laptop for Students

Best Low-Cost Dell Laptop for Students

(Images credit: Dell)

If you’re looking for a reliable laptop on a budget, the Dell Inspiron 3000 fits the bill. It’s super affordable but has great specs that beat most other laptops in this price range. 

It’s suitable for light business or personal use. You can get all your admin, browsing, and more done on the Inspiron 3000. With this model, you get 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD. 

The bright, backlit 15.6-inch screen looks beautiful. Colors come out vibrant and saturated, so you can enjoy movies or even edit photos. 

It has everything you could expect (and more) for a budget laptop. That includes a webcam, SD card reader, HDMI port, and 2 USB ports. 

While the Inspiron 3000 only has a dual-core processor, it’s still pretty fast. Just don’t expect it to be as speedy or responsive as the premium models reviewed above! 

Overall, it’s a fantastic buy with good value for money. If you need a laptop for studying, working, or other light use, the Dell Inspiron 3000 is a bargain! 

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Alienware Area 51M Gaming Laptop

Best Dell Gaming Laptop

Best Dell Gaming Laptop

(Images credit: Dell)

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop, then you should seriously consider the Alienware Area 51M. In my opinion, it’s not only the best Dell gaming laptop but the best laptop for gaming overall, too.

The Alienware Area 51M  is expensive, there’s no doubt about that. But for a specialist gaming laptop that beats all its rivals, it’s well worth the price. 

The team behind Alienware laptops knows exactly what they’re doing. These laptops perform on all counts when it comes to gaming. 

This laptop packs all the power of a desktop but in a much more compact size. It has an incredible NVIDIA RTX 270 graphics card that provides for all your gaming needs.  

The 17.3-inch display is perfect, maximizing the space without giving up any image quality. Plus, it comes with enhanced storage, an advanced keyboard, and superb speakers. There’s very little not to like about this exceptional gaming laptop. 

This laptop also looks eye-catching and bold, with jaunty shapes and sharp edges. It’s sure to make you the envy of all your gamer friends.  

  • One of the best gaming laptops around
  • It’s robust, powerful, and has gorgeous visuals
  • It has a huge amount of storage and memory 
  • The large 17.3-inch screen is ideal for gaming and multimedia
  • It’s very expensive

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Best HP Laptops

HP has a fantastic range of laptops. Here are the best of the best (in my opinion, at least!) 

HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15-inch

Best HP 2-in-1 Laptop

Best HP 2-in-1 Laptop

(Images credit: HP)

The HP Envy x360 is one of the most versatile laptops on the market right now. It has an impressive performance and beautiful design and even doubles up as a tablet. 

With the Envy x360, you choose how you want to use it. With four different modes, you can use it as a regular laptop or a drawing tablet. The sturdy hinges make it easy to flip back and forth between tablet and laptop mode as much as you like. 

The HP Envy x360 comes in 13-inch and 15-inch models, and they’re priced at the high end of HP’s range. But the superb specs mean that this laptop provides fantastic value for money. 

For example, the FHD multi-touch display, fast i7 processor, and generous internal storage. The almost invisible bezels make the screen look like a work of art, ideal for watching videos. 

It’s also packed full of useful features, from the webcam to the Bang and Olufsen speakers.

The HP Envy x360 is even a good option for gamers. As HP gaming laptops go, it comes second-best only to the Omen 15 reviewed below. 

But its excellent performance and touchscreen make it perfect for creative professionals, too. 

  • An amazing laptop for any use
  • It provides tons of versatility with a multi-touch display and tablet mode
  • It has superb specs and features
  • It’s quite expensive

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OMEN 15 Gaming Laptop

Best HP Gaming Laptop

Best HP Gaming Laptop

(Images credit: HP)

HP isn’t well-known for its gaming laptops, so you might not be familiar with the Omen 15. Despite that, it’s well worth a closer look. 

The Omen 15 is a specialized gaming laptop that provides power and performance. It’s super-fast and responsive, with incredibly sharp and realistic graphics. 

The Hexa-core 10th Gen i7 processor ensures this laptop can keep up with any game. Its speedy refresh rate and backlit display elevate your gaming experience.

It’s also about as slim and compact as gaming laptops come. So, if you need both portability and performance, this laptop fits the bill. 

However, the short battery life does let it down. If you want to use it on the go, then that could become an issue for you. 

While the Omen 15 doesn’t have the most amazing screen, it’s still a great gaming laptop. If you prefer HP models, then this laptop is the one to go for! 

  • The best HP laptop for gaming
  • Excellent graphics on an almost bezel-free display
  • It’s powerful yet compact and portable
  • The fast refresh rate and backlit screen make for an immersive experience
  • The keyboard feels a bit soft and mushy
  • It has a short battery life

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HP Pavilion Laptop

Best Affordable HP Laptop

Best Affordable HP Laptop

(Images credit: HP)

This mid-range laptop is one of HP’s best models for everyday use. The Pavilion is an excellent option for students or anyone who needs a low-cost laptop. 

It’s both reliable and fast, with a sleek build. You can take your pick from silver, gold, or rose in this lightweight laptop that’s easy to take anywhere. 

This laptop is built from quality components without becoming bulky or heavy. It charges fast and has a long battery life, allowing you to work on the go.

The HP Pavilion provides versatility at a low cost. It’s responsive and very quick to start up and open programs. This laptop has everything you need from a basic model. That includes a webcam, USB & HDMI connections, and a headphone jack. 

While the HP Pavilion won’t cut it for advanced creative work or gaming, it’s perfect for light use. So if you’re after an affordable and dependable laptop, check out the Pavilion!

  • An excellent affordable model
  • Ideal for students or anyone on a budget
  • It’s responsive and great for everyday use
  • It’s lightweight and portable for use on the go
  • The dual-core processor isn’t very powerful 

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Dell vs HP laptops

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HP Laptop vs Dell Laptop: The Wrap Up

Now, you have a deeper understanding of how Dell and HP laptops compare. We’ve broken down the great features and the less appealing aspects of each brand. 

Plus, I’ve taken a close look at the best HP and Dell laptops on the market right now. So, you should have a good idea of which laptop you’ll choose, depending on your needs.

Dell has an excellent product range, with more options and often at lower prices. While HP provides incredible power, performance, and design – but at a higher price. 

And as for gaming, Alienware by Dell wins hands down.

Both Dell and HP have a lot to offer, and the laptops reviewed above are all strong choices. 

So, take your pick and let me know which to go for! 

Before you go, make sure to follow me on Pinterest! I’ll keep you updated on the best products, tips, and trends for creative professionals. 

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