The 20 Best Design Blogs You Should Follow in 2023 To Boost Your Creativity

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The internet is a treasure trove of  inspiration  for everything from interior design to web and graphic design. Whether you’ve got stuck in a rut or you want to see what the latest trends are you, you can find plenty of motivation and inspiration if you know where to look!

As creatives, we always have to stay open to other ideas, techniques, and ways of doing things. Someone is always coming up with something new and exciting.

You will reach your creative pinnacle when you have a ready flow of amazing, inspirational sources from which to gain new ideas and perspectives.

Photo / Brooke Lark

If you’re an interior designer, I’ve collected together some of the best and most beautiful interior design blogs. You’ll find ideas on decorating certain rooms in your house, how to prepare for guests, and more!
Check out these sites regularly to top up your brain with some of the most creative, dynamic, and exciting ideas in home design.

From big brands to little-known names, you’ll find something that fits your style and needs.

When it comes to graphic and web design, this is a continually evolving niche. You have to stay ahead of the trends and aware of what other designers are doing, otherwise you will fall behind.

And there’s tons of inspiration to be had from seeing what other people are creating. You never know what might get sparks flying in your brain or motivate you to take your creativity to the next level.

Photo / Toa Heftiba

If we stop looking at other people’s ideas, our ideas begin to stagnate. You might find that your designs all start to look similar, or that you’re feeling less creative than usual.

That’s a clear sign that you’ve been too focused on what you’re creating, rather than exposing yourself to lots of inspiration. As creative professionals, we need time to dig deep into our work, but we should be wary of being too cut off.

The good news is that you can quickly remedy this situation. It’s as simple as clicking around online to some of the excellent graphic, web, and interior design blogs.

Spend some time soaking up other people’s ideas. See what’s trending. Explore how you can stretch and grow within your creative projects.
But that’s not to say that everything is worth trawling through on the net. Don’t waste time searching out the best blogs that deserve your attention. Instead, we’ve saved you time and energy by digging out the best resources for you.

Here, you’ll find the hottest blogs on  graphic design,  home design, and more.

Best Graphic Design Blogs

Here’s our roundup of the best graphic design blogs around right now:

Brand New

An offshoot of UnderConsideration, Brand New is a graphic design blog that is focused on everything corporate and brand identity. If you need branding inspiration or advice, here’s where to come to.

Mindsparkle Mag

Mindsparkle Mag is a thriving digital magazine that creates regular, inspiring content on the topics of art, web design, graphic design, architecture, and photography. 


DesignBeep is a site all graphic designers should bookmark! You can find excellent free resources on typography, logos, and WordPress. Don’t miss the Photoshop tutorials and their wide range of free fonts, vectors, wallpapers, and more.


Tina Roth Eisenberg runs this delightfully minimalist design blog. To soak up her Swiss and NYC design influences, check out this blog.


For all things UX plus some great how-to guides, head over to the Telepathy blog. You’ll find fascinating case studies, articles on budding business trends, and much more to keep you reading.

Creative Boom

Suitable for beginners and more experienced graphic designers, you’ll find simple but useful guides from the folks behind the Fotor apps.

Adobe Create Magazine

Adobe needs no introduction, and the Adobe Create magazine is a superb resource you should be checking often. With spotlights on specific artists and how-to tutorials, every graphic designer can benefit from this website.

Creative Nerds

Designed by creative nerds for creative nerds, this blog is chock full of top freebies, interesting articles, and awesome tutorials. If you need some graphic design ideas, head over here.

Inspiration Feed

If you want to learn new skills, check out what other creative professionals are doing, or want to keep up to date on the latest news in the design and tech sector, InspirationFeed is where you need to be.

Best Web Design Blogs

Curious about what is trending in the web design world? Want to get inspiration from other techy creatives? Here are the blogs you need to bookmark:

Web Designer Depot 

This amazing web design blog covers everything from visual design to inspiration, freelance designer tips, and handy tools you need to know about.


Designrfix is an awesome online community of web designers for beginners right through to pros. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, freebies, or tutorials, you won’t be disappointed here.


Stop and bookmark this blog, right now! Seriously, you won’t regret it. Web designers love SitePoint for the in-depth articles on Imagery, Logo Design, Photoshop, and Illustration. And that’s just a tiny snapshot of this extensive website. Check it out!


You’ll find reams of inspiration at Creativeoverflow, plus tutorials, reviews, interviews, and more. Spend just a few minutes here, and you’ll instantly feel a boost to your creativity.


While you do have to pay for some elements on Designmodo, the freebies make it worth the visit. If you need to find out how to do a specific task, their tutorials are simple and easy to follow.

Best Home & Interior Design Blogs

Looking for the best interior design blogs? Look no further! 

Coco Kelley 

Gorgeous photos of stunning interiors, plus advice on entertaining and nailing your DIY interior design – need we say more? A visit to the Coco Kelley website is pure pleasure for the eyes.

Apartment Therapy

No matter what your budget is, you’ll find guides and tutorials that will help you add some pizzazz to your home decor at Apartment Therapy. Whether you want some advice on decorating small spaces, or you want a sneak peak into some of the cutest homes around, you’ll find it here!

Eye Swoon

If you’re after inspiration pictures for tablespreads and party prep, Eye Swoon is for you! You won’t regret clicking over. There are inspiration shots galore and some amazing recipes too as a bonus.

Coco Lapine Design 

Sarah Van Peteghem is the clever lady behind this darling home design blog. It’s all relaxing neutrals and warm textiles over here.

Amber Interiors

Amber Lewis based in Los Angeles and her signature style is modern boho. You’ll find how-to guides, interviews with the hottest designers, and some cool house transformations on this blog.

Savvy Home

If you’re frustrated because you can never recreate that interior design style in your own house, get yourself over to Savvy Home!  Gabrielle Savoie posts regular ‘get the look’ features on her blog, as well as home design tutorials and shopping recommendations.

So there you have my roundup of the best design blogs on the web that you should be following! Next time you are looking for some inspiration, you’ll know where to go. Happy surfing!

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